Sabre Guild

Sabre is a world of warcraft guild for casual players, active on the European Aggramar server.

News for 04/05/2018

Spring 2018

When I started to edit this message, I noticed we've passed our 10th anniversary ! And a few people of those starting days from 2007 are still around. We're currently just acquiring a little more AP for our artifacts, or leveling an alt or two before Battle For Azeroth hits in August. We hope to see YOU there ;).

Currently Guild Leader: Shandalie
Officers: Goruld, Morpheus (or one of their numerous alts)

Happy adventuring !

News for 12/07/2016

Summer 2016

Been a while since the last message, but we're still around ;). A handful of active players still seem to enjoy themselves. A few players from yesteryear even returned. Legion and the Legion prepatch wil be here in a 2 and 6 weeks. Very much looking forward to that and I hope we can leave garrisons and WOD behind us asap !

Currently Guild Leader: Shandalie
Officers: Goruld, Morpheus (or one of their numerous alts)

Happy adventuring !

News for 12/11/2014

Fall / Winter 2014

Yes, we are still going ! We are most certainly ready to enter the Dark Portal to Draenor, with some of the old crew and even some new faces that have been lured in by the new expansion. And I hope that some more people might come back for the new expansion. Have fun in Draenor and good luck :).

Currently Guild Leader: Shandalie
Officers: Goruld, Morpheus (or one of their numerous alts)

Happy adventuring !

News for 09/05/2014

Spring 2014

Yes, we are still going ! Some older members even returned, probably lured in by the upcoming Warlords expansions. Leveling alts, gathering purples on the Timesless Isle and getting (old) achievements is the name of the Sabre game at the moment ;).

Currently Guild Leader: Shandalie
Officers: Goruld, Areel and Morpheus (or one of their numerous alts)

Happy adventuring !

News for 25/11/2013

Winter 2013

Sabre is still going, even after SIX years ! Albeit with a somewhat small core. We are in the aftermath of patch 5.4, cleaning things up before the next expansion hits. Doing LFR, pvp and the occasional scenario.

Happy adventuring !

Late Summer 2012

Sabre is still a core group of regular members, pvping, getting achievements or leveling up yet another alt :). We are expecting that activity will pick up again once Mists of Pandaria is released on the 25th of september. We did however achieve Guild Rank 14 last week !

Currently Guild Leader: Areel
Officers: Rant and Morpheus (or one of his numerous alts)

Take Care And Happy adventuring !
News for 1/4/2012

Spring 2012

Just a little note to let the world know we're still around :). A small group of people still log in regularly and PVP or do some LFG dungeons and / or dailies.

News for 1/1/2011

Winter 2011

Catalysm is here and so is Sabre. Probably one of the smallest guilds of Aggramar which have been around for 3.5 years now. With 8-10 players who have been here since the beginning we have a really family-like atmosphere. Currently we could use a few more players to do 5-men guild runs and rated battlegrounds. Come and join us!

You can always the guildleader Sineus / Ruryk, or his two officers: Areel / Meson and Morpheus / Morphea / Zendrella / Morphhoof / Zulbob (he plays too many characters).

Happy adventuring !

News for 10/11/2010

Fall 2010

It's raining cats and dogs outside and it's getting colder so that means time to play again ! Cataclysm is only a month away at the time I write this. So soon we will be back after a somewhat slow period and be leveling up, exploring new dungeons and leveling new gnomes alts !

In case you're interested in joining a friendly casual guild and don't expect an UBER raiding guild, contact one of us in game, or post on our forum and we'll point you in the right direction ! Current guildleaders are Borkun / Ruryk (he is usually on Borkun these days), Areel / Meson and Morpheus / Morphea / Zendrella / Morphhoof / Zulbob (he plays too many characters).

Happy adventuring !

News for 25/01/2010

Winter 2010

While it is freezing cold outside, our members are playing Warcraft inside their warm homes ! Most of the guild members have been doing a lot of dungeons since Patch 3.3 hit, and acquired emblems and frost badges. We have had some new members come in, who are ofcourse very welcome. We hope they will enjoy our company for a long time to come.

There are even some plans to resurrect our Arena Team for the upcoming season. We're ready to be smacked in the head.

News for 08/10/2009

Fall 2009

After a somewhat quiet summer, things have picked up quite a bit the past few weeks in the Sabre guild. Some have returned after some time of absence. Others have returned and even brought friends from other servers, and/or the other faction (gasp!). We do (heroic) instances now from time to time, and of course help each other with group quests etc.. Also a lot of people are leveling alts at the moment, so there is quite some activity these days.

Happy adventuring !

News for 21/04/2009

Spring 2009

Spring is now here, and it's slowly becoming summer. As I write this it was another warm sunny spring day. Yet the guild is still quite active ! Some of us are trying to become a champion of their city in the Argent Dawn Tournament.
Ruryk and his wife have come back from a short hiatus and he's even playing his paladin regularly. Meson has given the role of guild chief back to him. Unfortunately Timps and Yola have left us for a larger raiding guild, but their alts are still active in Sabre.

We're still an active guild and always recruiting ! If you're a casual player like us and need some company in Azaroth, get in touch and we'll sort you out ;).

ps. you can now click on the images on the right.

News for 12/01/2009

Winter 2009

The hollidays have passed and it's 2009 already ! WOTLK has been out for almost two months now, and we have been enjoying it quite a bit ! More and more members have reached level 80 with at least one character, and some are leveling alts and / or deathknights ! There are regular (heroic) instance runs and overal we're having fun.

There have been some changes in the guild, as Ruryk has a bit less time to play lately. Yola and Timps have been promoted to Officer, Ruryk is now a regular officer and Meson is the new guild leader. If you're interested in joining you can wisper any one of us and you'll be pointed in the right direction. You can see who's on, by typing /who Sabre in the chat window.

News for 21/10/2008

Fall 2008

Its October 2008 and the guild is almost one-year old. We have many good members who have been around for months now. Wrath of the Lich king is coming in less than a month and we are all very excited about seeing the new content and its a good thing to face Northrend with a small guild like this.
We wont rush to 80 because every of us have alts to level and we all would like to see everything in the new areas. But once we reach the level cap we probably try to gather a group of 10 and start some easy raiding like once or twice a week. Nothing serious and of course nothing ever will be compulsory here in Sabre.

So that is where we are now. A small guild with grown-up guys and passion for this game. If you are interested whisper me for a little chat ingame (in the evening hours) or just post here and you will get invited to the guild if we think you can fit in. We are easy on accepting new members but I safeguard the good atmosphere in the guild and if I see someone annoying the others I am merciless with my Kick spell.

I hope to see you ingame and good journeys in northrend.

News for 1/7/2008


Summer has arrived, we have just passed Midsummer Night. Arena Season 4 started a few days ago, and this weekend is Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational where they are announcing the arrive of the expansion hopefully. (Or at least beta. Or Diablo 3. Or whatever ;))

The guild was launched at the beginning of Arena Season 3 back in December, 2007 and we are still here, we still have many good players and we are looking forward to level up to lvl 80 together. We might even try the 10-men raiding content in a relaxed way, like once a week. We don't recruit actively but we usually accept everybody who finds this website and post a few meaningful words about him/herself. So dont hesitate. Proceed to the forums and post.

See ya ingame :).

News for 5/5/2008

Spring is in the air

We're still going about our business, doing instances, arena and general questing ! People are also leveling alts and we now have quite a few lvl 70s or high in the 60s.

One of our members ZumSum has started a blog 'Not Enough Energy', it can be found at

As always: If you're looking to join a nice friendly, somewhat casual guild, either introduce yourself on the forum, or contact any of us in game, we'll point you to the right direction.

News for 2/4/08

Another month gone by

Thanks to a few new members, we regularly beat 15 ppl online now on weekdays in the evening. And more and more members are 70 and or closing in on the levelcap. We have regular guild instance runs, pvp or do group quests and overall are having a lot of fun.

If you're looking to join, either introduce yourself on the forum, or contact any of us in game, we'll point you to the right direction.

News for 29/02/08

February Overview

We once again welcome all new people, quite a handful joined this month ! We now even have enough people to do all-guildies instance runs every now and then and they have been a success so far (ie. not too many wipes).

Everybody is ofcourse eagerly awaiting patch 2.4 with more dailies and a new very challenging 5 men instance. Plus the changes to Alterac Valley. Season 4 won't be too far away either and we hope that our Arena Teams will get a higher ranking, after having had the experience (and some gear / points) from Season 3.

Our highly esteemed guildleader Ruryk is currently on a trip. Morpheus, Pangloss and Meson are currently the officers 'in charge' and we all hope they'll do a fine job in keeping the guild alive and well :).

News for 01/02/08

We're growing !

Over the course of January Sabre has been growing slowly but surely. We have accepted quite a few very nice new members to pvp / quest / chat with. You can check the guild roster on the EU-Armory site. But I think it has been a bit slow in updating lately.

News for 11/01/08

New website

Sabre now has it's own website and forum !

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