Old Man Star

By this time Darieux was an old man, his gaunt body in a bad state due to too much time in zero gravity. Yet his spirit was still strong and he was unwilling to give up now that he’d managed to reach his destination. Satisfying though it was to be in the Ouperia system his situation was still dire as the prospects for any kind of rescue were absolutely none at all. His fate lay entirely in his own hands and the only option was to try to construct the stargate all by himself.

Recently I read some Factional Warfare reports on squirmishes and fleet battles between Gallente and Caldari in a system called Old Man Star. I wondered why this system has such an odd name, and my question was answered by this excellent story on the Eve-O site. If you’re even remotely interested in Eve’s Lore, I’d suggest you read it, it’s a great story :). I am wondering though when it was written. The url has july01-01 in it, though I doubt it’s from 2001.

The overall quality of the stories lately has gone up considerably, and so have the fun newsarticles. I am anxiously waiting the arrival of the Eve Novel that has been shipped by Amazon, if it’s as good as the Eve Chronicles lately, it should be a good read !

BTW another favorite of mine is ‘a boy and his slaver‘, very nice artwork on that one as well. You can find that also on the Eve Chronicles archive.

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  1. I love OMS. I got my first solo kill there when I killed an Imicus in my Incursus several months ago. I found the system because Ka Jolo suggested to me that I try the region and Old Man Star just happened to be the first low security system I wandered into when I followed his advice.

  2. Old Man Star is big fun these days, with the war and all! I had pretty much ignored the Eve Chronicles til I saw a blurb on the Eve-O homepage about how OMS got its name…checked it out since I spend so much time there now. Found lots of good stories in the Eve Chronicles archives. Definitely worth a look.

  3. Oh man, what an excellent story about Old Man Star- very poignant, and he was the founder of CreDron! Damn, you learn something new every day.

    Thanks for posting about it 🙂

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