Mobile Tractor Unit

Rubicon is deployed ! And it was smooth sailing for a change. First thing I did was pick up the new BPOs and produced some Mobile Tractor Units and Mobile Depots. The tractor units also needed 2 science skills, which I should have done earlier of course, but it only took 15mins or so each. Which I did while picking up the new materials.

Now this thing is fun :). It’s like have another character pulling in your wrecks. Only thing left to do is salvage. Made a short video so you can see it in action !


Rubicon Around The Corner

There is no turning back ! On 19th of November CCP will release a new expansion to Eve called Rubicon. To be honest, I haven’t been playing much lately. Only been doing some PI, not even as dedicated as before, and refueled my tower. There were quite a few Perimeter Hangar sites in our wormhole, and I took care of a few of those last weekend, but that was about it.

Rubicon, while not bad, isn’t really something to get very excited about. Some things that make life easier and the Sister of Eve new ships that are very nice, but there isn’t in it that really makes you go WOW !

But let’s take a look at the things that I will be interested in, in this expansion.

Ghost Sites : probably will only see this once in a blue moon in our wormhole. They once again use the stupid hacking mini game but will not use the loot penate mechanic. Might be something good in it, we’ll see

Mobile Structures : The mobile tractor unit will be great ! It tractors all look into a bit pile within 125Km. Very handy. Also a magnet for any cloaky offender in a wormhole, but hey it’s all in the game. I don’t think I have any use for any of the other mobile units. I might see the mobile home in our wormhole maybe if we would get some sort of intrusion.

Sisters of EVE Faction Ships : These look awesome and might be handy in our wormhole or maybe elsewhere. I will probably wait a little before buying one to let the initial price settle down.

Ship Changes : I don’t fly anything that is affected by these. Maybe I should. I used to have a marauder, that unfortunately blew up a long time ago, when a Caldari Epic Mission line mission went sour. I never replaced it. It might be handy for the wormhole sites with the new heavy missile launcher thing. The Bastion Mode sounds awesome, once you’re attacked. Might not be as awesome in reality

Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher : This devblog explains how they work. The split bonuis thing is a little odd, I guess it would make them a little overpowered. Anyway, this sounds really good. Might want to try this with a passively shield tanked Rattlesnake soon. The missile bonus would be lost though, if I get that right from the devblog. And it only has 4 launchers. Well might be worth a try anyway.

That’s about it for me. Warp speed I don’t know about. Might be handy to be faster when you’re buzzing around in a covops in a wormhole. And interceptors I never use. Maybe I should dust one off and try one out. I will do a follow up post once Rubicon is released and see how things worked out, post-Rubicon.


Rubicon Announced

The upcoming winter expansion was announced today on twitch ! Why this name ? Apparently it’s the start of more player build things and stuff (?). Rubicon was the river Caeser crossed and start his reign in Rome. So I guess CCP see this as a start of something. I am little skeptical about these things, being a bitter old vet and all that, so  we’ll see where that will go.

Some of the new features:

  • New Sisters Of Eve faction ships. These look very cool, with bonuses for scanning and hacking. DO WANT !
  • Space vacuum cleaner – A deployable unit that will tractor all your wrecks and leave them in  a convenient pile to be salvaged later. Sounds very  handy !
  • New missile launcher that will do Battleship type DPS but will also do decent against smaller targets. Sounds very handy for doing Sleeper sites. And it’s good to have a new  weapon.
  • Pocos  (custom offices for PI) in HiSec  will be destructible and can be player owned. – Not sure this is a good idea. It will be a nuisance for new players and members of smaller corporations to get into PI, probably the pocos will be owned by larger alliances, leaving  the little guy in the dust.
  • Depot – Sort of a mobile POS. Nice to invade wormholes and the like. Maybe we’ll see one in our own hole and we can destroy it Smile with tongue out.
  • Twitch integration – Very interesting addition

Caesar Crossing the Rubicon

Those are the ones that I remember now right  off the bat and that  seemed the  most interesting. The warp speed and interceptor  changes don’t do much for me, but might be  cool for other people.

All in all a nice list of features. With only about 2 months away (it’ll be released on Nov 19th), it’s more than I was expecting. I am sure it won’t be buggy at all Winking smile.

And  yes I know we had BLINKGATE today as well, still making my mind up what to  blog about that, I did take notes so more on that later.