Wormhole Colours

This devblog from a couple of days ago explains how the wormhole colours will get updated in the upcoming ‘Oceanus’ patch. Importantly, you can still see the nebula of the system you are traveling to in the middle of the wormhole and the wormhole will still wobble to indicate how much life it has left in it. In case you’re wondering what those colours are, check out Tigerear’s blog post on the subject matter. It has everything you wanted to know and more :).

You can read more on Oceanus in this blogpost. No big changes as far as I can tell. The new cloaking effect might be nice though.

UPDATE: Patch notes have been released. The update will come out at sept. 30th.

Cat and Mouse

It was an interesting evening in our wormhole last night. A corporation in our Static C4 was moving out their stuff through our hole into hisec. Unfortunately they already killed one of our pilgrims. It seemed to be a corporation with relatively new pilots. Slowly people on our side started to log  on, as it was about the time we were supposed to get ready for our C4 excursion into the C4, but it turned out to be a pvp night.

We had some kind of plan to lure them out. I can’t remember the exact details, but it worked as a (new) pilgrim engaged them on our side of the C4. But coms were somewhat confusing, and people weren’t in the right place at the right time. Furthermore they suddenly had a few new ships on the field we didn’t expect, and that added to the confusing. Only the before mentioned fresh pilgrim died.

After this we reorganized a little better and set up on the hisec hole. Three more engagements followed, but they stayed on the hole and jumped back, a few times it was pretty close and ships jumped backed into hisec well into armor. Including mine, as I was being called primary in the second engagement. We did kill an executioner and a slasher, unfortunately the rest got away, the wormhole collapsed a little later.

In their C4 there was only the tower left (with it’s forcefields still turned on) and the ship hangar. We switched to battleships and decided to take some shots at the tower, just to see what would happen. Well nothing much happened, they managed to get some more stuff out using a Crane and a few other cloaky ships. One really weird thing though, one guy started self destructing his ships. Apparently he thought their pos would be destroyed any minute and started to blow up all of his own ships. Two brutixes, two Thalos, and an assortment of smaller stuff. Even a CovOps cloaky that he could have easily used to scan himself out. Rather odd behavior indeed ! Once the shields were at 90% we called it a day.

All in all an entertaining evening. I never shot at a POS before so that’s one more thing I can scratch off the list :). A C2 with a hisec exit is convenient, and it does bring in some interestting traffic at times. I wouldn’t pick a weekend to move stuff through a hole though, chances are a lot higher that people will notice you and want to shoot at you.

News From Unknown Space

Time flies when you’re having fun ! It’s a little less than 2 months since I joined the 20 minuters and started moving into a wormhole. It’s got it’s pros and cons, but so far, it has certainly revived my Eve-Play ! There is so much more to do, more sites to run, more jumping around (think our exit has been in all 4 corners of hisec now) etc etc..

Anyway, this weekend I discovered a new way (well for me anyway) to make isk in a wormhole. I wanted to run a few sites this weekend in the hole and when I started scanning I noticed some activity near our C4 entrance. I saw an iteron V and a hoarder jumping through. They were using our hole to pass through to hisec ! I scanned down the hisec exit, and sat there cloaked. Another industrial jumped back into our hole, I uncloaked and took a pot-shot at it, but it warped off before I hit anything. I logged on an alt who was in a ship with a point and planted her near the entrance.

You would think that the one pilot that was shot at warned his corp mates, but strangely enough not short there after an Itty V entered the system. This time I could tackle it, and it of course jumped back to hisec. Suddenly in local, a guy with a similar name appeared, obviously a cloaky alt who asked for a deal to pass through since they had some stuff ‘of no value to you‘ to pass through our system to their C4. Needless to say I responded with ‘make me an offer I can’t refuse’. Well he did and we even had a nice chat while they were transporting their stuff through our hole. I made more than what I would have made had I run a few sites.

As I mentioned earlier we also have do excursions into other holes. Last night we entered a C5 for the first time. It was definitely doable with 3 outstanding Basilisk pilots, a few battleships and a handful of drakes. The C5 had a lot of active POSes in it, but the inhabitants were probably from the US timezone also indicated by http://www.wormhol.es (great intel site btw). Only saw a legion briefly on scan, but that was about it. This morning I checked the wormhole system again on dotlan and apparently there had been some brawl in that very hole later that night. Glad we didn’t run into that merry band of T3 cruisers :).

Roaming a drone region

Regular readers of this blog probably wonder ‘wtf is Morph doing in the Drone Regions !‘. Well it just so happens it was an involuntary roam through 2 wormholes and we ended up in Perrigen Falls.

Perrigan Falls I

But let me start at the beginning. The alliance does wormhole ops, usually sites in a neighboring C4 on Sunday nights. I have been participating for over a month now, and these usually go by uneventfully, except maybe a probe or two on dscan, or someone sitting at a POS in an Iteron III. But last night we saw some activity before the op went down. Two cov ops scanning ships and a scan frig. But we decided to give it a try anyway and then once we hit the third site, a Dominix, Scorpion and an Apocalypse popped up on the directional scanner. My first instinct was to immediately warp towards our exit hole, but our FC shouted ‘STAY STAY’, so I managed to stop my warp just in time. Which was a good thing, as it turned out, they were collapsing our exit hole to our home system !

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