Thoughts on Quantum Rise

Quantum Rise has to be one of the most lackluster ‘expansions’ ever released for an MMO. It even touts serverside enhancements and ‘gamebalancing’ (ie. a whole bunch of nerfes) as features. I think it would have been a lot better to let the PR machine rest for a moment, and just say ‘sorry but this year we’re only doing one expansion’. The promise to do two expansions a year bit them in the rearend this time. At first the news was that this would be industrial focused, but that idea was ditched soon enough. Besides the orca there is hardly anything industrial related in this one.

Some ACTUAL features :
– the Orca, for now a very expensive ship that might be of some use in a bigger corp mining op.
– ui improvements / enhancements like the movable hud, weapon grouping. A rotating circle around my mods that is extremely annoying.

The load of problems it brought are a lot bigger though. Not even mentioned the patching process itself which was bugged once again and I had to download the complete client.

The client has a memory leak, lag is worse than ever. Battleships are even slower now (was that really necessary ? I can’t remember seeing a nano-raven) making mission with gates very annoying. Missiles have been changed to have very low explosion radius etc..

All in all a disappointment to be honest.