Corp Free For All

Last night Hidden Agenda had their every so monthly – free for all, ‘last man standing’ tournament. These are always a lot of fun. For some people their first pvp experience, and even though they tend to die a little faster, they seem to enjoy it quite a bit.

Belautis entered for me, in her trusty punisher.


As you can see, I made a bit of a speed setup, as last time I couldn’t keep up with some people and got shot from a distance. Unfortunately it turned out I didn’t really need the speed. I disposed of one incursus but then got ZenGen on my back, also in a punisher. I couldn’t break his tank, but he slowly broke mine. At the end I had five people on me though, and even a punisher can’t take that much punishment.

Round two should have been a cruiser free for all, but we had to redo the frig one, as some people warped to the wrong place and started battling there ;). I still had an incursus in my hangar equipped with 125mm guns and a hobgob and decided to give that one a try. It lasted much longer than expected but I went down to two people, though I did take a rifter with me.


The punisher seemed to do very well do, I think 3 of the last 4 standing were flying one, especially due to it’s very well tanking capabilities.

The cruiser free for all didn’t last that long, my arbitrator couldn’t kill a maller fast enough, although it was a decent one on one fight. At least so I thought, there were a few other people on the killmail as well. Vexors did very well here as you can devote a lot of it’s power and cpu to tanking as they use drones for weapons.

All in all a fun thing to do for a corporation activity !

Corp Hopping

Casiella brought up this issue as Question of the Day on twitter. I thought it was interesting enough to make a blogpost about it.

The big difference with Eve and other mmorpgs (as far as I know, haven’t checked them all) , is that your corporation history is being tracked. Everyone can see what corps your character has been a member of. In warcraft or other similar mmos, there is no record of what guilds you have been a part of. There is a site called, that sort of keeps track, but it’s not complete and it’s not in game, so it would take more effort. I don’t know if people use it for the purpose of tracking people down.

The other difference is that there is more at stake in Eve. Also corporate theft is an accepted game mechanic. As far as I know, it’s not in most other mmos. You can steal loot from a guild bank in wow, then type /gquit, and that guilt will loose some items, but in Eve you can ruin the work people have been doing for months or years.


The downside of this is that in Eve it can sometimes be pretty hard to find the right corp. When I was looking for a new corp, it took quite some time before I found one that sort of felt right. Also, once you have been a member of a somewhat shady corporation, chances are that even years later people will ask about, and it can throw up a red flag. But corp hopping can happen, especially early on in an Eve career when you’re not sure what you want. Or you joined a corp and it turned out their time zones are different, or they’re just not as fun as you thought it would be.

If you still find yourself corp hopping after quite some time in Eve, you might want to wonder what it is that you want to do. It will probably also make it harder for you to find something else. So be careful with too much hopping, don’t get dozens of corporations in that history ;).

One Year in Hidden Agenda

Today (feb 9th) it’s exactly one year ago, that I joined Hidden Agenda. The corp I was in previously had slowly bled dry. I had been looking for a new corporation for some time on the forums and I might even have joined the recruitment channel a few times. But I didn’t find anything that I fancy. Finding a nice corp that you feel at home with, is pretty hard !

I made a post on this blog asking for suggestions, and I got some. Of those suggestions, there was only one corporation that actually had non-afk people in the public channel and a decent website, and that was Hidden Agenda. It’s things like that that make a good impression on potential members ! After a rigorous background check I was accepted into HA.

Hidden Agenda

Although I haven’t been very active lately, I have had a very nice time in Hidden Agenda the past year. It seems to suit my semi-solo, but sometimes in-company gameplay very well. There are usually plenty of people on, willing to help each other if needed. There are group activities (mining ops, the odd frig tournament, lowsec security runs), but you’re not frowned upon when you do not attend, or miss one.

Hidden Agenda is one of the oldest corporations in Eve. I think the secret to it’s success is the mix of veterans and the influx of new people, who might even be only a few weeks old. Every now and then someone leaves or slowly fades away ofcourse, that’s inevitable. But the active recruitment by some members makes sure the corp keeps it’s freshness and does not slowly bleed to death. Without new players a corp slowly ends up with just a handful of core veterans, and it’s very hard to recruit people by then, because the newcomers will feel like outsiders, and it’s also hard to offer them something.

In Hidden Agenda, new players are offered a lot of advise, they can come along mining (there is bound to be someone out there in a hulk) and raise their mission standings quickly. Also some of the richers members have been known to hand out some goodies to newer or less fortunate corp members. There are a lot of industrialists in the corp, so chances are there is a good deal to be made when you need something.

Lately the corporation has also been exploring Wormholes. I still have to make my way to one of them, but I am sure one of these days I’ll put together a Drake and pay them a visit in unexplored space !

To finish off this post, I’d like to shout out to Ruffio and Cattis and everyone else in Hidden Agenda who made the past year in Eve a fun experience !

Cruiser Action

These picture were taken during last week’s cruiser even we had in corp. Bela entered in a Arbitrator, and did pretty well in the Free For All event. Armed with an armor repper and a cargo hold filled with cap boosters, she lasted pretty long. Got our CEO Ruffio into structure, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough ;).


Here you can see said CEO chasing down Khana, usually these two and James end up as the last survivors in these events.


The Hidden Agenda corp has grown quite a bit over the past few months. A nice mix of new players and veterans. We were wardecced two weeks ago, by some corp who pretended to be mercs. They however hardly showed up :(. I guess doing a corp conga with about 20 outside their HQ didn’t help making them come out. Anyway we had some cruiser leftovers as none got blown up in the war, so the cruiser event was born ;).

I don’t really get these corps that wardec and don’t do anything but sit in a station. They really need to do their homework before doing a wardec and make sure they can actually fight against the corp you dec !

Sunday’s Frig Tournament

We had a sunday night of corp activities. It started of with the always fun Free For All in frigs and destroyers. Last time my kestrel got popped very fast, and the rifter in the second round only did a little bit better (at least I took someone with me). This time I decided to leave Morph at home and go with Belautis in a punisher. And this time I was more successful. Lasted a lot longer in the FFA, after taken two tristans and tanking a destroyer I finally went down.

Next up was a 6 vs 6 cruiser fight ! Our side won after a very nice battle. I used a tanked Arbitrator, which worked reasonably well, but I was a bit out of range for the start of the fight and had trouble to catch up. But it was enjoyable nevertheless.

The last part of the night was a ladder frigate tournament, with about 18 people, the other main corp in our alliance joined us. And surprisingly I made it to the final ;). The most intense fight was with a blaster fit incursus. It was a pretty fast fight, both speeding to the center and taking each other head on ! I made it with about 20% armor left.

The final unfortunately was a bit of a snoozefest for the spectators. It was punisher vs. punisher, and I couldn’t reach the other one, as I had a afterburner and he used an mdw (i assume). As I figured it would be fair to let him win, as I was the one who couldn’t reach him, I conceded and took the second price, a faction frig, the succubus !

All in all a very enjoyable evening. And thanks to the people in Hidden Agenda and Iniquitous Technologies for making it happen !

And the prices keep coming in, I won 1st place in the fanfiction contest, goddlesswanderer organized on his blog !