Cruiser Action

These picture were taken during last week’s cruiser even we had in corp. Bela entered in a Arbitrator, and did pretty well in the Free For All event. Armed with an armor repper and a cargo hold filled with cap boosters, she lasted pretty long. Got our CEO Ruffio into structure, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough ;).


Here you can see said CEO chasing down Khana, usually these two and James end up as the last survivors in these events.


The Hidden Agenda corp has grown quite a bit over the past few months. A nice mix of new players and veterans. We were wardecced two weeks ago, by some corp who pretended to be mercs. They however hardly showed up :(. I guess doing a corp conga with about 20 outside their HQ didn’t help making them come out. Anyway we had some cruiser leftovers as none got blown up in the war, so the cruiser event was born ;).

I don’t really get these corps that wardec and don’t do anything but sit in a station. They really need to do their homework before doing a wardec and make sure they can actually fight against the corp you dec !

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  1. Yeh, we got wardecced last year by a couple of single-player corps and since at the time most of our work was via non-corp alts, it had no impact on operations and nobody showed up to fight. It was a good wardec drill for us, but that’s about it.

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