Eve Is Pretty

There was some Eve News this week, most notably the blogpost on the new flag / aggression system aka. Crime Watch. It already has a 37 page thread (as I write this) of comments on the forums, with some sensible and some not so sensible feedback ! A nice article on these changes is on the Mittani’s website.

At the moment I don’t have that much to blog about, everything is going well in our hole (and my small industrial endeavors outside) ! So I’ll just post these pretty shots :). Can’t go wrong with screen shots !

Drakes prior to the missile nerf

Mining some sweet Arkanor
One of the prettiest ships in all of Eve (imho) the Legion

Two Screenshots

This first one is from the Fleet Test on the test server. It was an interesting fight. With several caps on the field, and a lot of battleships shooting each other :). The lag wasn’t too bad at all, hope CCP got some useful data.
Fleet Test


This one is a minmatar warfare fleet undocking.
Minmatar fleet 2
I am the one in the hurricane ;).

Factional Warfare

Is a-coming ! The servers will go down in the night and might be up on wednesday, but don’t hold your breath. Already tried some FW on the testserver, and it was fun, but that’s also because of the cost of all modules being 100isk ;). I am thinking of dusting off an old account, I haven’t used since 2006 that holds my Minmatar freedom fighter and enlist him in the Minnie fleet. Otherwise, as both my characters are in an alliance and not willing to leave it, FW is not for me. Which is a shame as it would have been a fun sidegame.

Anyway, I have been busy in game, nothing very spectacular. Mainly ratting and a little mining in Wicked Creek. I build a Raven from recycled loot and some mining, which makes live somewhat easier. Jumped back to empire friday when it was a little hostile in WC and got some business done there. Flying around collecting datacores and selling them off.

I saved a few for my own invention stuff, and managed a 3 out of 3 attempt of an Invulnerability II Shield. If only I would have know (well I could have checked) that this thing needs quite a few expensive parts. Still hope to make a profit on them, they sell for around 2.2mil around Sivala. My stack of Ballistic Controls II is almost sold out now, and I am all out of Hammerheads II and HobGobs II. I even sold too many, when I needed a few I couldn’t find any anymore and had to invent a few BPCs for own use ;).

Met a few suicide camps on my travels around empire for the best deals, as you can see by this screenshot :).
Concorde Much ?

Trinity Deployed

Everything went smoothly for me (no boot.ini problems, I have my game on a separate hard drive :). I am a little surprised I still get frame rates of 70fps in space, with HDR on and normal shadow with low bloom.


Most ships look a lot better of course, though not as spectacular as in the trailers, but I am not too happy with the Caldari ships (‘cept the Manticore as you can see above). They look like big metallic blobs and when you’re in a somewhat darker system, the look like black flying blob. The raven is a lot more detailed but looks very boring and the CNR is even worse, it has a sort of camo green color now.
Most Amarr ships do look very nice though. The Apoc still has it’s golden glow. My Zealot somehow turned into a greenish shiny thing though. Was a bit weary to see the Gallente ships, but they turned out alright. The blueish tint could have been a bit darker but all in all very nice.


Not quite sure what I think of the Minmatar ships. They are much more detailed now, but they have also lost their ductape feel, which makes them loose their unique character somewhat.

I am wondering though whether this all makes the game more enjoyable. I think it’s more aimed to get more people in, it doesn’t really add much to Eve. And the improvement isn’t that spectacular that you want to play the game more or longer.

More thoughts on the patch / expansion later ;).

My first Cruiser: An Osprey


Originally uploaded by Morphisat.

Finally finished learning Frigate IV and cruiser. Found an Osprey for 2.8Mil. Didnt have a lot of extra cash for more goodies, but I did equip it with an 10Mn afterburner (which is a must since it’s kinda slow), medium shield booster and a nice shield extender. Got almost 1600hps on the shields now :). Mining works great with 3 cargo expanders in the low slots, and lvl 1 missions are a breeze now…