Eurogamer Article

There is a nice article over at Eurogamer called ‘I was patched out of Eve’.

Would you enjoy the responsibility of managing the infrastructure for entire empires, directly impacting the gameplay of potentially thousands of players?

I can imagine this would wear someone out pretty quickly. Especially if you have a regular job ‘on the side’ ;). And that leaves to this quote.

There is a joke that the only way to win Eve is to quit. But how do you quit Eve when people are counting on you?

I can see the dilemma here ! All in all a nice read.

A few links

Here are some links for Friday the 3rd of august:

Devblog on rebalancing of mining barges – definitely an interesting read

Reddit – Station trading 101 – reading reddit so YOU don’t have to :).

Patchnotes for Inferno 1.2 – very lengthy patch notes. Besides the mining barges change, ‘attack frigates’ are changed as well amongst a lot of other things

165 pages of CSM 7 minutes – a lof of what is being discussed is worthy of separate blogposts, Sand Cider and Spaceships has a condensed version.