Taking a look at Crius II

The part I of the previous blogpost suggested there would be a part II and I wanted to look at the POS changes. But it seems not that much has changed. Of course the biggest change is that you no longer need standings in order to put up a POS. Or a starbase, as CCP calls them. You still have to ‘pay’ the faction in which you put up your POS with starbase charters by the way.

Another big one is that the blueprint now have to be at the POS in order to be used. So no longer training that ME from the safety of a station. I guess this was done in order to induce combat. It’s more cumbersome, that’s for sure. And people will have to be smart in moving their blueprints around.

There will also be a new POS module for losec manufacturers, the Thucker Component Assembly array, which will speed up the manufacturing process and will reduce the materials needed for Capitals, T2 and T3.

Crius is just around the corner, it’ll be released on July 22nd. It will take quite a while before the market will see it effects, since there is of course still a load of stock manufactured under the ‘old’ system. Interesting times ahead !

Dev blogs:



Taking a look at Crius I

From a recent CCP email (quoted here, because it has all the links to the devblogs) :

[stextbox id=”black” caption=”Crius links”]

Crius is the name of the next release to be deployed on July 22nd. As you might recall, EVE development moved away from the traditional six month expansion cycle to a much faster six week release deployment.

Crius itself brings a major change to industry in EVE Online – including changes to manufacturing and invention. As EVE is a very complex system and industry being at the core of EVE, you can expect a lot of changes that will ripple through the universe:

· The Science and Industry user interface is completely rebuilt and made much more user friendly.

· Refining, reprocessing and compressing are made more meaningful and intuitive. Skill matters!

· All industry slots will be removed including NPC stations, outposts or POS arrays.

· The more jobs are installed in a specific star system, the more expensive it will become to install additional jobs. Centralization costs.

· NPC teams can be hired to give benefits to whole star systems, this will benefit everyone. Centralization helps.

· Material and Time Efficiency levels on blueprints will change and be capped to ME 10 and TE 20 with each level giving a fixed benefit of 1% point. Additionally all static blueprint data, such as copy and research times, will be streamlined and adjusted.

· Industry related POS structures will give you benefits, the more structures you have, the more you benefit (until an upper level).

· Moon mining available in 0.4 security space.

All these changes and more are already available on the Singularity test server. Check it out!

Additionally you can expect several quality of life improvements, for example for the often discussed tooltip changes.


I have indeed checked out the changes on Sisi today and here are a few screenshots to show you what changed. First of all planetary colonies are no longer under the industry tab, but in the business menu.


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Mackinaw ORE Edition

Finally I got around to putting one of these together using the ‘skin’ bpc I got from the referral link. Missed the initial rush of these a bit, as the price has dropped considerably, but might still make a few hundred mil, selling these. They look rather nice, but it’s also a bit of a bulls eye for suicide gankers, as all things shiny in Eve are Winking smile.

Mackinaw ORE edition

Mackinaw ORE Edition

Eve industrial teams

From the wordpress dashboard I can tell how people find my blog. A lot of people are searching for info on Eve industrial teams. I don’t think there is more info at the moment that what is presented on the EveO forum and the original dev blog. Correct me if I am wrong in the comments below :). There is a schedule for when things are released to the test server at the Eve Forums.

Another nice read: Speculation on impact Kronos will have on Eve Industry.

And two over at EveManufacturing.co.uk. Devblog synopsis and Patch Notes the unofficial version.

POS takedown

It’s less dramatic than the title suggests. I took down my hisec POS that has been sitting idle for years. I started it off back in 2008 for copying and researching BPOs. That’s why my current corporation Millard Inc was founded. I had a few research alts and all !

In all those years I have only been wardeced a couple of times. One time when the tower was still active. Onlining a few guns and missile arrays made that wardec disappear in a few days. The other time was when I was on a break and I didn’t even notice the wardec until later. The offenders shot a few parts, but I guess got bored (it didn’t drop any loot) and buggered off.

So why take it down now ? Well with the upcoming changes to POSes in the summer expansion, where standings no longer matter, I decided to get rid of the thing. I can always start another one in HiSec if need be, but I already have the one in the wormhole to care for. I am not exactly looking forward to fueling another one. Also it was in Kiainti, a bit out of the way, all the way up North in The Forge. The reason I picked that location is, because it was almost deserted most of the time. Even now, it has 8 – 10 people in local at most.

Kiainti POS
Fare thee well Kiainti POS, you have served me well !

I bought two days of fuel to take it down, but it all went must faster than I had in mind. I guess I was still used to taking 5mins per takedown of a module. Funny thing was I had everything but the kitchen sink attached to it. Medium lasers, cruise missile launcher, a web and statis module and small guns ! Not sure what I was thinking back then Winking smile.

Anyway, the whole thing is now available on contract as a POS starter pack, minus most of the guns, grab it if you’re interested !

Mining Revisited

Ever since the Mining barges were revamped, I have been (afk) mining quite a bit. There is something tranquil about mining and later on, selling ships you have build with rocks you mined yourself is quite satisfying. Not to mention the fact you can catch up with tv episodes you missed while doing so.

With rocks like these, I cannot NOT mine them !

Shame the iceprices took such a dive. But I am using the ice to produce fuel blocks with PI farmed from the wormhole. If you sell these at places where you don’t have that many competitors, you can ask a bit more than Jita prices, but sales are a little slower.

Ice Fields can be beautiful !

Since there are quite a few miners about now, you have to study dot.lan a bit to find decent belts. It’s not uncommon to only see a few pieces of plag and veld left in a belt these days.

Happy mining all :).

Ice Prices

Inferno 1.2 was released about 2 weeks ago and we can see the huge impact the revamped mining barges have had on Ice prices. Apparently this is a much ‘faster’ market as the price of Trit and other ore has not moved much.

As you can see, Caldari Ice is especially tanking, with some Ice Belt systems have over 250 in local. Everybody and their uncle seems to have an alt in the icebelts now ;). Our enthusiastic iceminers and / or consumers are also trying to use the isotopes to build fuel blocks. Most POS fuel related PI products are steadily climbing in price.

The machinaw is now the miner’s choice of ship. Of course the Hulks that are out in the game won’t instantly disappear, but people are keen on getting a flying 35 m2 ore bay !

It’ll take some time before the markets settle, and the other ores will start dropping as well. Unless something happens that will make the demand for trit and the lower ores go up.

Thanks to www.eve-markets.net and http://www.evemarketeer.com/ for the nice charts :).

Market Square Heroes

So you trained up your industrial skill, got that production efficiency to 4 or even 5 and bought a few nice BPOs or BPC for your hard earned isk. Or maybe you’re going into the invention field and picked up some datacores from your agents. Now you’ll have to sell your goods otherwise all your efforts would have been futile. And that’s when the time comes that you have to study the market.

Actually the ‘buying the bpos’ might have been a bit too early. You might want to study the market for a niche you can fill before that time.

So far in EVE I have distinguished a few different type of markets. There are the trade hubs, mission hubs and ‘off markets’. Those aren’t really hubs of any kind, but more for people that happen to be in system, or live near that system.

The hubs tend to have slimmer margins but higher volume. Even the difference between two close by hubs can be significant though. For example Rens and Hek and only a few jumps from each other. Yet Hek tends to have higher prices. Also there are more 0.01 market warriors out in Rens. When you put up ammo there, don’t be surprised to find some one else undercutting you by 0.01 within an hour. Jita is the ultimate 0.01 undercutters paradise, unless you want to do daytrading, I wouldn’t go there, unless you want to sell your goods very fast and dump them there on the market.


Pvp gear tends to shift quickly near low sec areas / hubs. I assume these are pirates or Factional Warfare soldiers picking up the goods, like 220mm cannons, T2 ammo, warp disruptors II, warriors II etc. Of course if you’re really gutsy, you can bring your goods to low sec and sell there for higher profits. Fit your industrial with warp stabbers, or buy a blockade runner, and don’t forget to scout for gatecamps ahead ;).

What this all comes down to, is where do you want to sell your goods ? If you’re making a high volume of products, you might want to settle for lower margins and try to sell your stuff at hubs. If your gear is mission oriented, like T2 shield hardeners, ravens, cruise missile launcher II, or ammo, you can settle for lesser volume, but higher margins at a mission hub.

Or you can find an area that doesn’t have a lot of your particular product and try and sell it there for higher margins, and less volume. Or spread your goods around and make a trip in your industrial or freighter ! It all comes down to a good study of the numbers, especially the screen above, will tell you a lot about prices and the volumes that are being sold in your region.

What have you been up to ?

At the moment I don’t have a lot of exciting adventures to blog about. Or any exciting news, like taking over the Eve Galaxy ;). But in response to Eve’s weekend warrior’s weekend’s summary, I thought I’d write something like that as well.


Mainly I have been doing production ! And not the very exciting wormhole T3 kind. I did my first dabbling into T2 ship production. My first few Cerberuses I produced sold like hotcakes for 125mil, right after apocrypha. Enthusiastically I produced some more, inventions were a big success, using a prototype diagram helps ! It also gets you a better bpc as the ME get to –2 instead of –4 and saving a lot of materials needed. Unfortunately the next batch didn’t sell that well, but I got rid of em in the past few weeks at lower prices. I have put that project on hold for now. It’s quite a bit of work getting all the parts (and subparts I also produce some of them myself now), and with margins getting slimmer, it’s not that interesting anymore.

Also still producing Hammerhead IIs and Ogre drones. There always seems to be a demand for those. And I still mine and produce some drakes and ravens. These days I cruise around in my hawk to find decent belts. I have moved my orca and hulk to Sinq Laison as Caldari space has it’s belts usually cleared out very fast.


Haven’t seen a lot of wormhole action yet, though I still scan from time to time, but haven’t had much luck lately. Only found a few Deadspace plexes that were good for a few million bounties and not much else.

So that’s it, not very exciting, but I am still out there, playing the game in a very relaxed way. Thats what I love about Eve, you can make it as exciting as you want :).

One more comment on Apocrypha: