POS takedown

It’s less dramatic than the title suggests. I took down my hisec POS that has been sitting idle for years. I started it off back in 2008 for copying and researching BPOs. That’s why my current corporation Millard Inc was founded. I had a few research alts and all !

In all those years I have only been wardeced a couple of times. One time when the tower was still active. Onlining a few guns and missile arrays made that wardec disappear in a few days. The other time was when I was on a break and I didn’t even notice the wardec until later. The offenders shot a few parts, but I guess got bored (it didn’t drop any loot) and buggered off.

So why take it down now ? Well with the upcoming changes to POSes in the summer expansion, where standings no longer matter, I decided to get rid of the thing. I can always start another one in HiSec if need be, but I already have the one in the wormhole to care for. I am not exactly looking forward to fueling another one. Also it was in Kiainti, a bit out of the way, all the way up North in The Forge. The reason I picked that location is, because it was almost deserted most of the time. Even now, it has 8 – 10 people in local at most.

Kiainti POS
Fare thee well Kiainti POS, you have served me well !

I bought two days of fuel to take it down, but it all went must faster than I had in mind. I guess I was still used to taking 5mins per takedown of a module. Funny thing was I had everything but the kitchen sink attached to it. Medium lasers, cruise missile launcher, a web and statis module and small guns ! Not sure what I was thinking back then Winking smile.

Anyway, the whole thing is now available on contract as a POS starter pack, minus most of the guns, grab it if you’re interested !