Mobile Tractor Unit

Rubicon is deployed ! And it was smooth sailing for a change. First thing I did was pick up the new BPOs and produced some Mobile Tractor Units and Mobile Depots. The tractor units also needed 2 science skills, which I should have done earlier of course, but it only took 15mins or so each. Which I did while picking up the new materials.

Now this thing is fun :). It’s like have another character pulling in your wrecks. Only thing left to do is salvage. Made a short video so you can see it in action !


Captain’s Quarters on Duality

Unfortunately I couldn’t install the test client because of a ‘time out while downloading’. I was planning on making a little youtube video, but unfortunately cannot at the moment. Luckily someone posted a link to a youtube video in the feedback thread, which I have now linked below.

It looks very rough around the edges. After years of development, it’s apparently still in ‘Early Alpha’. It would be quite an achievement if they would get this up and running, in a reasonable shape in a few months time. Somehow I have my doubts, but we’ll see.