Alliance Tournament XI

Pandamic Legion was trailing by 2 in a best of 5. And came back ! The deciding game 5 was won by Pandamic Legion. Congratulations !!!

Great entertainment for a hot sunday afternoon and evening, especially for a nail biting final 5 matches :). That final game was very close, PL fielding 2 rattlesnake that they lost somewhere in the midgame vs. 2 Claymores (Sleipnirs were banned) and Gilas. The Gilas were gone by the time the 2 rattlesnakes were blown up. It was 80 – 68 by the 4 mins. left mark. PL was winning on points and Hydra could not catch up with the remaining PL ships. It all came down to a single Claymore vs. Vulture, and the Claymore couldn’t break the Vulture’s tank.

Now excuse me while I buy a DroneBoat in Jita !

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Drink the Waterヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Verge of Collapse Wins Alliance Tournament X

The final weekend of AT X brought us quite a few exciting matches. Both semi finals and the finals were great. Underdogs Verge of Collapse, featuring three Sleipnirs in their Finals fleet came out the winner ! Hun Reloaded fielded three Vargurs but wasn’t able to handle the speedy Sleipnirs. It was very nice to see an unexpected winner this time.

Thanks to all at CCP for entertaining over 14000 people who watched the stream.

Details of the final can be found at

Alliance Tournament X – The Finals

The final stage of the 10th Alliance Tournament will be held this weekend ! The matches will be streamed from CCP’s studio on own3d. Also during this weekend, there are free 20 day trial accounts available as a special promotion.

Listen to CCP developers in their brand new AT X studio how they discuss the tournament matches and EVE related topics. Get all the details and tactics about the currently ongoing matches directly from the live commentators in the studio!

– ccp press release


Alliance Tournament X

The tenth Alliance Tournament is upon us this weekend. The finals will be on sunday 22nd of july. Always a special time in Eve, the atmosphere is different. Last year I was moving and with all the Monocle drama I didn’t really feel like following it much, but this year I’ll be sure to check it out :). The eve opportunist has some week one predictions.

Alliance Tournament 8 – Finals

“Soccer is a game for 22 people that run around, play the ball, and one referee who makes a slew of mistakes, and in the end Germany always wins.”

– Gary Lineker

If we translate this to Eve’s Alliance Tournement you could say, that after three weekends, in the end Pandemic Legion always wins :). This time with a very nice minmatar setup. Using high DPS sleipnirs and taking control over the arena using a Huggin and thrasher hulls for a bit of extra dps and dampeners I assume ?

The final itself was over quickly. The three rook, three myrm setup of Hydra wasn’t good enough to give PL even a bit of sweat. PL’s semi final was a lot better though. The three remaining Dark Side  Proteuses gave PL a pretty hard time (relatively speaking).

A nice first hand account of the Rote Kapelle match is over at the Eve Opportunist blog.

@mandrill did a nice job of writing up reports on the matches. You can find them on his blog.

Alliance Tournament VIII – Day 3 and 4

And another weekend filled with Eve Alliance Tournament goodness flew by ! Sunday had the better matches although most were quite enjoyable. We also got a few that were almost too painful to watch, teams bringing a totally wrong setup and getting obliterated in a few minutes, but that’s all in the game.

I really liked the Ushra’Khan match, that proved that a Raven can be useful in PVP as well. There were some more close ones. Move over to the I am Keith Nelson blog for full reports on the matches of the past weekend. He did an excellent job describing them.

Update: Ah, how could I not mention the first fight after the break, Rote Kapelle vs. Triple A. It’s also on youtube and a nice blogpost on Eve Opportunist.

Alliance Tournament 8

It’s THAT time of the year again ! The alliance tournament is about to start this weekend. The previous editions only had the final weekend on streaming video but this time you can enjoy Eve TV all three weekends. StevieG’s blog post tells you how.

The ingame chat channel and/or IRC is always a lot of fun during these events. Speculating who will win, commenting on the ship’s setups etc.. I always enjoy the community feel of the alliance tournament a lot. So if you got some spare time this weekend, make sure to check out the video stream and the chat channels !

What will be the next Eve meme born from this tournement ? Last time we got ‘hero tanking’ and ‘a mixed bag’, amongst others. Let’s hope this year’s commentators will be as creative :).

AT7 – Congratulations Pandemic Legion

The last weekend of Alliance Tournament 7 was very enjoyable. I was sitting in a few chat channels discussing the games, and watching Eve TV. The commentary was excellent (except for one match ahum) and the studio guests were interesting.

Pandemic Legion basically wiped the floor, with their stealth bomber, double rook setup, with the competiotion. In the semi final, which lasted a mere 4 minutes, though, they fielded a totally different team. A speed minmatar based DPS heavy team and blew the shield tanked Manifest Destiny to space dust. It was my favorite of the weekend.

The first day had a few too many total helldeath games, not making it too exciting, except for the last two matches of the day. Make sure to check those out on Most of the second day matches were close and interesting to watch. The final was a bit predictable but executed almost to perfection by PL. Congrats to them !

Update: A writeup by the PL Team on the forum, describing their setups and choices for each match.