Odyssey Exploration is popular

As posted in this devblog, the number of pilots doing exploration sites has grown exponentially since Odyssey. This isn’t very surprising as it’s right in your face each time you make a jump ;). And it’s easier to find things with the new and improved scanning interface (yes I said that, it did take a while to get used to it.

Yet not everybody is happy though, I guess there is always someone not pleased. Although he does have a point regarding the loot pinata, not a big fan of that.

Tranquility’s Hardware

In case you missed it, there is a great article on the hardware CCP runs their Eve Universe on at PC Gamer !

The funny thing was that, at the time, the technology only existed in the military so we had to get military clearance to go into a bunker in Texas to evaluate the hardware because the company, back then, had only just started looking into commercializing this thing that they made for the US army



10 year anniversary

Hooray, Eve is 10 years old ! And I have been a part of it for over seven years now ! Well with a break here and there. Last sunday we broke the record (I helped, my Ice Miner was logged on). There is a nice article on Massively as well.

EVE smashed its previous Peak Concurrent User total during the festivities by a clear margin, replacing 2011’s record of 63,170 with a new figure of 65,303 players logged in simultaneously.

Economics of video games

There is  a very interesting article on the economics of video games in the Washington Post.

For all intents and purposes, this is an economy that has activity equal to a small country in real life,” Guðmundsson says. “There’s nothing ‘virtual’ about this world.

Nothing really new, but it’s a nice read anyway.

Ship balancing winter update

A big devblog was posted today on the upcoming winter balance update ! It’s too much to go through all of these, all I am saying is, the new Stabber and Vagabond models look awesome :). Oh and will the new Griffin be overpowered ? It looks very strong especially compared to it’s tier brethren. Also logi frigs will be fun, though they’ll always be the 1st to go down in a fight.

Anyway, the Eve opportunist did a nice write-up, check it out !

A few links

Here are some links for Friday the 3rd of august:

Devblog on rebalancing of mining barges – definitely an interesting read

Reddit – Station trading 101 – reading reddit so YOU don’t have to :).

Patchnotes for Inferno 1.2 – very lengthy patch notes. Besides the mining barges change, ‘attack frigates’ are changed as well amongst a lot of other things

165 pages of CSM 7 minutes – a lof of what is being discussed is worthy of separate blogposts, Sand Cider and Spaceships has a condensed version.