The End Of Eon

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The sad news that Eon has come to an end didn’t come as a surprise as printed magazines are dropping left and right. It still is sad to see a part of Eve die.

Browsing through a few older issues, some of the articles get rather outdated, like ship guides and the like. But interviews with devs, the short stories and spotlights on players were always nice. I wrote an article on communication in Issue #21, which was nice to have done. I was supposed to write a guide on the then new P.I., but through some miscommunication (ironically enough) that didn’t happen.

I did take the opportunity to buy the poster bundle at the EON store for cheap though.

In years to come, may you pull an issue from the shelf, blow away the cobwebs and remember what EVE was once like. Until then, fly safe.


Gameskinny – nice article

Official announcement

ps. Bit odd to come out with this somewhat old news at the moment the Battle of Caldari Prime is going on, but this one had been sitting in my Live Writer for a while, just realised I hadn’t send it out yet.