Another one bites the dust

As you can see here, Ripard Teg, one of Eve’s more prolific blogger, is quitting blogging. Which is rather unfortunate, as he put out quite some interesting article and provided plenty food for thought. With over 50 articles in May alone, I can see that it can get a bit cumbersome. I have no idea how you can put out that number of articles.

What I don’t get is why shut down entirely ? Just leave it open, state that you’re going  to take it slow and write something when you feel like it. Maybe it’s a personality thing (which is opposite of mine I guess Winking smile) and some people can’t really slow down and it’s all or nothing.

Things do seem to slow down a bit as also stated in Roc Wieler’s latest blog post The end of all things. The Blog Banter gets only a handful responses. But it’s not all doom and gloom, there is still is plenty of activity on the 7 day page of Evebloggers. And there are so many other games to play these days, or was this always the case ? I know I have mainly logged on lately to fuel my tower and only occasionally shoot some sleepers or do some industrial activities. So many things to do, so little time …

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Eve Online Strategy dot com

Eiran asked me kindly to promote his blog at I took a look and it seems to be decent so I figured why not ;). The title is somewhat misleading as, at first, I thought it was one of those $25,- strategy guides that tell you nothing that you can’t find elsewhere for free.

Go and take a look, it’s got some interesting articles.