A few links

Here are some links for Friday the 3rd of august:

Devblog on rebalancing of mining barges – definitely an interesting read

Reddit – Station trading 101 – reading reddit so YOU don’t have to :).

Patchnotes for Inferno 1.2 – very lengthy patch notes. Besides the mining barges change, ‘attack frigates’ are changed as well amongst a lot of other things

165 pages of CSM 7 minutes – a lof of what is being discussed is worthy of separate blogposts, Sand Cider and Spaceships has a condensed version.

Escalation To Inferno

Escalation to inferno will be released on the 24th of april. Thought this sentence from the press release was rather striking.

A balancing overhaul of several Incursion sites shows our long lasting commitment to care about and to improve all existing gameplay: we are continuously working to make EVE an even better place!

CCP are being serious about improving the game and don’t want to miss an opportunity to get the point across ;).

The myrmidon video they released is rather nice, if not a little short.

The drone loot change is probably the one that will have the biggest impact though. It will be interesting to keep an eye on the mineral prices !