AT7 – Congratulations Pandemic Legion

The last weekend of Alliance Tournament 7 was very enjoyable. I was sitting in a few chat channels discussing the games, and watching Eve TV. The commentary was excellent (except for one match ahum) and the studio guests were interesting.

Pandemic Legion basically wiped the floor, with their stealth bomber, double rook setup, with the competiotion. In the semi final, which lasted a mere 4 minutes, though, they fielded a totally different team. A speed minmatar based DPS heavy team and blew the shield tanked Manifest Destiny to space dust. It was my favorite of the weekend.

The first day had a few too many total helldeath games, not making it too exciting, except for the last two matches of the day. Make sure to check those out on Most of the second day matches were close and interesting to watch. The final was a bit predictable but executed almost to perfection by PL. Congrats to them !

Update: A writeup by the PL Team on the forum, describing their setups and choices for each match.

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