AT7 – A mixed bag

Although plagued by some server issues (caused by elephants in the CCP office apparently), the seventh alliance tournament was a big success so far. We saw a mixed bag of awesomeness with a touch of failsauce the past two weekends.

Shield tanked Sins and Megathrons, hero tengus, nighthawks, a lot of destroyers, bombers that failed and bombers that succeeded and drakes slowly dieing. A lot of ISK turning into spacedust.

I followed the matches through new eden radio and their ingame chat channel, and had a lot of fun. People cracking jokes, commenting on the matches, predicting outcome of the games etc. Well done new eden radio team !


Here is a list of some of my favorite matches:

Laconian Syndicate vs The Important Internet Spaceship League

My absolute favorite from this weekend, and maybe of the tournament so far. A real nailbiter ! Kanagawa in his Hero Tengu takes on 4 battlecruisers.

Pandemic Legion vs Indecisive Certainty

When the PL setup was announced against 2 nightmares, I thought they’d be pulverised. But PL showed their piloting skills by locking down the opposition with two rooks and let two manticores and brutixes pound on the nightmares. Very well skilled match

RED. Overlord vs Goonswarm

A very close match, 2 Kronos and a damnation vs. 5 T3 ships plus an Oneiros.

Dead Terrorists  vs Cry Havoc

Two Rattlesnakes beating up a bunch of marauders

The Fourth District vs Agony Empire

A battlecruiser show down. This one shows why battlecruisers were so successful in this tournament so far.

SOLAR FLEET vs Banzai Boys

A very exciting match, showing the power assault frigs can have in capable hands

And that’s it. Check out CCP’s youtube channel at Very much looking forward to next week’s final.

One thought on “AT7 – A mixed bag”

  1. The matches you list in your last BLOG post couldn’t agree more. That Tengu Hero match where I think one of the commentators had pretty much already called the game … and then just watching those 4 BC’s drop off one a time, and the Tengu just barely surviving in Structure.

    And what a gutsy move by PL to bring a E-War setup, and with bombers! Which made all the sense in the world.

    It could have bombed for them true … but they called it right.

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