Cosmos and the new browser

On the test server amongst a lot of other new goodies, you can preview the new in game browser.


As you can see, it actually displays this blog exactly like it should :). I assume they took some rendering engine like webkit and used that to pull it off. The new blog on cosmos is interesting. Cosmos doesn’t interest me all that much, but the new email client will be such a blessing. The current one is so horrible, it’s not even funny any more ;).

UPDATE : Link to technical devblog on the new browser.

UPDATE2: The new browser presentation @ fanfest : EveOnlineFan Blog

6 thoughts on “Cosmos and the new browser”

  1. I don’t remember where I read it (I think it might have been one of the Dev Blogs) but I believe they’re using some sort of API or something related to Google Chrome. I could be completely wrong on this of course.

  2. Oh that sounds interesting. Google Chrome is only a few 100k when you download it, so basically it’s only downloading some sort of window and some logic. Should be possible to add that to the client !

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