Ice Prices

Inferno 1.2 was released about 2 weeks ago and we can see the huge impact the revamped mining barges have had on Ice prices. Apparently this is a much ‘faster’ market as the price of Trit and other ore has not moved much.

As you can see, Caldari Ice is especially tanking, with some Ice Belt systems have over 250 in local. Everybody and their uncle seems to have an alt in the icebelts now ;). Our enthusiastic iceminers and / or consumers are also trying to use the isotopes to build fuel blocks. Most POS fuel related PI products are steadily climbing in price.

The machinaw is now the miner’s choice of ship. Of course the Hulks that are out in the game won’t instantly disappear, but people are keen on getting a flying 35 m2 ore bay !

It’ll take some time before the markets settle, and the other ores will start dropping as well. Unless something happens that will make the demand for trit and the lower ores go up.

Thanks to and for the nice charts :).

3 thoughts on “Ice Prices”

  1. Not sure how widely known it is, but the T1 frigates have all been bumped up in manufacturing cost to similar levels. Where the T1 interceptors used to cost about 20k in resources, they’re now over 200k.

  2. Mineral prices will not adjust very much because minign ore in mackinaw solo gives very similar isk/hour results than hulk mining solo used to do before the update. Mackinaw prices will jump ofc becasue mackinaw is the only mining ship suitable for solo mining now (sorry but a 1,5 cycle cargo bay does NOT work). While this indeed messed up ice as i though it would, it really not going to drop far, because while mining ice is convenient, it always was, and mining ore is still more profitable.

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