Roaming a drone region

Regular readers of this blog probably wonder ‘wtf is Morph doing in the Drone Regions !‘. Well it just so happens it was an involuntary roam through 2 wormholes and we ended up in Perrigen Falls.

Perrigan Falls I

But let me start at the beginning. The alliance does wormhole ops, usually sites in a neighboring C4 on Sunday nights. I have been participating for over a month now, and these usually go by uneventfully, except maybe a probe or two on dscan, or someone sitting at a POS in an Iteron III. But last night we saw some activity before the op went down. Two cov ops scanning ships and a scan frig. But we decided to give it a try anyway and then once we hit the third site, a Dominix, Scorpion and an Apocalypse popped up on the directional scanner. My first instinct was to immediately warp towards our exit hole, but our FC shouted ‘STAY STAY’, so I managed to stop my warp just in time. Which was a good thing, as it turned out, they were collapsing our exit hole to our home system !

Somewhat nervous we did finish the site on hand, killing the scrambling frigs first, while the above mentioned battleships and a manticore popped in and out of dscan. But they never engaged ! Then why collapse our exit, you might ask. Well you’d have to ask them, since I don’t know. I doubt they would have won, but they did have a Scorpion, and we had logistics, it might have been close. Later on I noticed one of them yelled something in local, which is a pretty odd thing to do in Wormhole space, I don’t even pay attention to local in a hole.

Since going back and getting lootships afterwards was out of the question, most of the tags were picked up off the cruisers and battleship sleeper wrecks, but now we needed to find a way home ! Luckily we had someone in a probing ship with us, who after a while managed to find a two exits both into C5 space. He then ventured into one of those (assuming this wasn’t the one our disturbors didn’t come in since it wasn’t the K162) and only found one exit into K-space. Disappointly he said ‘oh this one is far off, an exit to 0.0 Perrigen Falls‘. Our FC then shouted excitingly ‘but our hole has an entry into Perrigen Falls, I probed it out right before the op !‘. The odds of this are extremely slim and I think we were very lucky to get out like this.

Perrigan Falls II

As this was our best option, we decided to go the 0.0 route. Still about 17 jumps to go to FLK-LJ. And these were very uneventful, think we saw one scout somewhere along the way ? But even the station systems were totally deserted ! It’s a shame this part of space does not seem to be used very much, if this small sample was anything to go by.

Anyway, I was very glad I could put my ops ships in my ships hangar, grab my Buzzard and logged off in my familiar safespot. It was quite an interesting evening !

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  1. Well i lowesec is more damgerous than 0sec when it comes to meeting random gatecamps. But drone regions is sort of a wasteland of eve in itself. Ergo they are kinda nice escape route. Glad you made it.

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