Mining Revisited

Ever since the Mining barges were revamped, I have been (afk) mining quite a bit. There is something tranquil about mining and later on, selling ships you have build with rocks you mined yourself is quite satisfying. Not to mention the fact you can catch up with tv episodes you missed while doing so.

With rocks like these, I cannot NOT mine them !

Shame the iceprices took such a dive. But I am using the ice to produce fuel blocks with PI farmed from the wormhole. If you sell these at places where you don’t have that many competitors, you can ask a bit more than Jita prices, but sales are a little slower.

Ice Fields can be beautiful !

Since there are quite a few miners about now, you have to study dot.lan a bit to find decent belts. It’s not uncommon to only see a few pieces of plag and veld left in a belt these days.

Happy mining all :).