What have you been up to ?

At the moment I don’t have a lot of exciting adventures to blog about. Or any exciting news, like taking over the Eve Galaxy ;). But in response to Eve’s weekend warrior’s weekend’s summary, I thought I’d write something like that as well.


Mainly I have been doing production ! And not the very exciting wormhole T3 kind. I did my first dabbling into T2 ship production. My first few Cerberuses I produced sold like hotcakes for 125mil, right after apocrypha. Enthusiastically I produced some more, inventions were a big success, using a prototype diagram helps ! It also gets you a better bpc as the ME get to –2 instead of –4 and saving a lot of materials needed. Unfortunately the next batch didn’t sell that well, but I got rid of em in the past few weeks at lower prices. I have put that project on hold for now. It’s quite a bit of work getting all the parts (and subparts I also produce some of them myself now), and with margins getting slimmer, it’s not that interesting anymore.

Also still producing Hammerhead IIs and Ogre drones. There always seems to be a demand for those. And I still mine and produce some drakes and ravens. These days I cruise around in my hawk to find decent belts. I have moved my orca and hulk to Sinq Laison as Caldari space has it’s belts usually cleared out very fast.


Haven’t seen a lot of wormhole action yet, though I still scan from time to time, but haven’t had much luck lately. Only found a few Deadspace plexes that were good for a few million bounties and not much else.

So that’s it, not very exciting, but I am still out there, playing the game in a very relaxed way. Thats what I love about Eve, you can make it as exciting as you want :).

One more comment on Apocrypha:


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  1. Eve has sound?!? 😉

    Speaking of finding high sec untapped asteroid fields, you might consider looking for an isolated pocket of noncontiguous high sec. Carebears are afraid to go through low sec to get to them and the roids are often left alone.

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