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There is a nice article over at Eurogamer called ‘I was patched out of Eve’.

Would you enjoy the responsibility of managing the infrastructure for entire empires, directly impacting the gameplay of potentially thousands of players?

I can imagine this would wear someone out pretty quickly. Especially if you have a regular job ‘on the side’ ;). And that leaves to this quote.

There is a joke that the only way to win Eve is to quit. But how do you quit Eve when people are counting on you?

I can see the dilemma here ! All in all a nice read.

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  1. Haha, this is actually true among a lot of mmo’s but with Eve it feels so much bigger, I liked the reference to being a small cog in a bigger machine, that’s what it feels like but it’s fun fantasy too, one should never forget to do something because they enjoy it.

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