Eve Is Pretty

There was some Eve News this week, most notably the blogpost on the new flag / aggression system aka. Crime Watch. It already has a 37 page thread (as I write this) of comments on the forums, with some sensible and some not so sensible feedback ! A nice article on these changes is on the Mittani’s website.

At the moment I don’t have that much to blog about, everything is going well in our hole (and my small industrial endeavors outside) ! So I’ll just post these pretty shots :). Can’t go wrong with screen shots !

Drakes prior to the missile nerf

Mining some sweet Arkanor
One of the prettiest ships in all of Eve (imho) the Legion

2 thoughts on “Eve Is Pretty”

  1. You should have took two sreenshots:
    drakes prior to missile nerf – as is
    drikes after the missile nerf – using turret.

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