The Fleet Finder

Most of the attention for the upcoming Eve expansion ‘Dominion’ will be directed to the sovereignty changes. 0.0 space is about to be revamped ! But there is more to Dominion than just that.

One of the neat new additions is the Fleet Finder. I took a series of screenshots to show you how it works.

First you open up the fleet window with a new icon on the left hand bar, which then brings up a welcome screen.

finder1 finder2

In this case we pick to form a new fleet, and that’s what you get, a regular fleet like it was before. But the fleet screen has an extra tab with fleet finder options.

finder3 finder4

As you can see, here you can set what the restrictions are for people to join. You can add a description of what you’re doing. This is changed from what it was earlier on the test server. There were a few categories you could pick and it was only open for alliance / corporation. Now you can just type your own description.

I am not sure it’ll be a good idea to open your fleet up for anybody with a decent sec status. Maybe I am being paranoid (and you should be in Eve), but there are plenty of asshats about who will try to ruin your day.


And there you go, I checked on another character and the above screen comes up in the fleet finder when you pick ‘join a fleet’. You can join from here, no need to x up, ask where the fleet is etc.

A very welcome edition, especially if your corp. maybe has a mining and a missioning fleet. Or you’re in 0.0 and there is a pvp scout op and a mining op. Straight from logging in, you can see what’s happening and join right off the bat !

2 thoughts on “The Fleet Finder”

  1. I have been seriously looking forward to this. Gone will be the days of hearing over and over again in alliance chat “is there a fleet op going on anywhere?” Although it appears this will still leave the questions of “where is it?”

  2. In the last screenshot, you can see it shows where the fleet leader is, after his name (Sivala in this case). So you have some sort of indication.

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