Dominion and T2 production

Unless you have a crystall ball, these is no way to tell how the supply of T2 components will turn out. CCP have stated that they want to end the moon mining madness. And that will make T2 production cheaper and hopefully more profitable ? Well at least more accessible ;).

They are also tweaking the BPC/BPOs. Take a look at a Jaguar invented –4/-4 one run BPC as it is now.


And this is the same BPC on the test server.


Especially a lot less Nuclear Reactor Units ! And those are usually the most expensive items, along with the Shield Emitters.

We probably won’t see a lot of T2 production in november, as everything will change once Dominion comes in December !

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  1. Hopefully lowering the cost of moon materials due to more supply will bring the overall build cost per unit down. If the per component prices stay as they are now however, all that’s really happening is you’re shifting the cost of the Nuclear Reactors over to the Fernite Armor Plates. Based on rough calculations between the BPCs, the savings at this point is about a million if you’re buying the components off the market instead of building them yourself. I haven’t had the opportunity as of yet to check the component BPOs and see where things are there for cost per unit.

  2. Yes, but the requirement for Fernite Carbide Composite Armor Plate goes up from 60 to 750. That effectively wipes out the benefit of the reduced Nuclear Reactor Units (using today’s Eve Central prices in Jita for these). The Sisi BP also needs more Electrolytic Capacitor Unit and more Nanomechanical Microprocessor. I don’t see production costs being much better overall for this BP, unless I’m missing something.

  3. I was going to say…. looked at the screenshots, and the biggest things that jumped out at me was the massive increase in armour plates, and nanomechnaical processors – prices wouldnt come down much, but would drive massive demand from low end materials. Since the armour plates are going to be in major demand, this will up the price of the carbides by a lot, which will have an impact on every other item.

  4. That’s an interesting way of looking at it. Also keep in mind that this is a -4 invented BPC, so the ones for HACs and higher end ships will be better if you use encryptors.

  5. I’ve not been in Eve much over the past month or two, but I’ve already noticed Jita prices on carbides have doubled since I last looked at it (from circa 70 isk each, to 140 isk each) – not sure if thats happened since with speculative purchase since the patch was announced, or if its just been a natural progression that I’ve missed. The high ends (fermionic condensates especially) seem to be dropping as well, to around half the value from when they were at their peak post-POS exploit. Seems theres going to be some major turmoil in the T2 market over the next few weeks until the patch.

  6. Lower the production cost??? Nanotransistors are over 4K atm. e.g. Phobos (needs a lot of microprocessors) with 20M invention cost is 170M as production cost at -4!!!

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