A Forgotten Milestone

Oops, somewhere in the past month or so, I hit the 50 million skill point mark. Yes yes I know, not that great for a character from late 2005 (oh I got my eve birthday coming up), but I had a few breaks here and there and mostly I have been using +3 implants, because I am cheap.

Here you can see how my points are distributed. A lot also in gunnery, Morph can now use all T2 guns, except for the Amarr ones (got Bela for that).


What else is there to train ? I am not interested in capitals, as I got no use for them. Maybe a few more drone skills, and perhaps some others to V instead of IV.

4 thoughts on “A Forgotten Milestone

  1. This must be great, I can’t wait to get to 50 million…What are you up to know, 100 million maybe 200 million?

    Eva Castle

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