Sunday’s Frig Tournament

We had a sunday night of corp activities. It started of with the always fun Free For All in frigs and destroyers. Last time my kestrel got popped very fast, and the rifter in the second round only did a little bit better (at least I took someone with me). This time I decided to leave Morph at home and go with Belautis in a punisher. And this time I was more successful. Lasted a lot longer in the FFA, after taken two tristans and tanking a destroyer I finally went down.

Next up was a 6 vs 6 cruiser fight ! Our side won after a very nice battle. I used a tanked Arbitrator, which worked reasonably well, but I was a bit out of range for the start of the fight and had trouble to catch up. But it was enjoyable nevertheless.

The last part of the night was a ladder frigate tournament, with about 18 people, the other main corp in our alliance joined us. And surprisingly I made it to the final ;). The most intense fight was with a blaster fit incursus. It was a pretty fast fight, both speeding to the center and taking each other head on ! I made it with about 20% armor left.

The final unfortunately was a bit of a snoozefest for the spectators. It was punisher vs. punisher, and I couldn’t reach the other one, as I had a afterburner and he used an mdw (i assume). As I figured it would be fair to let him win, as I was the one who couldn’t reach him, I conceded and took the second price, a faction frig, the succubus !

All in all a very enjoyable evening. And thanks to the people in Hidden Agenda and Iniquitous Technologies for making it happen !

And the prices keep coming in, I won 1st place in the fanfiction contest, goddlesswanderer organized on his blog !

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