One Year in Hidden Agenda

Today (feb 9th) it’s exactly one year ago, that I joined Hidden Agenda. The corp I was in previously had slowly bled dry. I had been looking for a new corporation for some time on the forums and I might even have joined the recruitment channel a few times. But I didn’t find anything that I fancy. Finding a nice corp that you feel at home with, is pretty hard !

I made a post on this blog asking for suggestions, and I got some. Of those suggestions, there was only one corporation that actually had non-afk people in the public channel and a decent website, and that was Hidden Agenda. It’s things like that that make a good impression on potential members ! After a rigorous background check I was accepted into HA.

Hidden Agenda

Although I haven’t been very active lately, I have had a very nice time in Hidden Agenda the past year. It seems to suit my semi-solo, but sometimes in-company gameplay very well. There are usually plenty of people on, willing to help each other if needed. There are group activities (mining ops, the odd frig tournament, lowsec security runs), but you’re not frowned upon when you do not attend, or miss one.

Hidden Agenda is one of the oldest corporations in Eve. I think the secret to it’s success is the mix of veterans and the influx of new people, who might even be only a few weeks old. Every now and then someone leaves or slowly fades away ofcourse, that’s inevitable. But the active recruitment by some members makes sure the corp keeps it’s freshness and does not slowly bleed to death. Without new players a corp slowly ends up with just a handful of core veterans, and it’s very hard to recruit people by then, because the newcomers will feel like outsiders, and it’s also hard to offer them something.

In Hidden Agenda, new players are offered a lot of advise, they can come along mining (there is bound to be someone out there in a hulk) and raise their mission standings quickly. Also some of the richers members have been known to hand out some goodies to newer or less fortunate corp members. There are a lot of industrialists in the corp, so chances are there is a good deal to be made when you need something.

Lately the corporation has also been exploring Wormholes. I still have to make my way to one of them, but I am sure one of these days I’ll put together a Drake and pay them a visit in unexplored space !

To finish off this post, I’d like to shout out to Ruffio and Cattis and everyone else in Hidden Agenda who made the past year in Eve a fun experience !

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