LoSec Roam

Morphisat never much pvped. Mainly carebearing in HiSec. But Friday night Hidden Agenda had a Low Sec Roam planned, I joined to finally get some pvp action with Morph.

Most of the fleet consisted of Ravens, with a few inties, and some other stuff (a thorax and a drake). There wasn’t much roaming down as on the second gate sat a flashy dreadnought ! Apparently it was in Siege mode, as it tanked very well.

But slowly his shields started to go down. A drake showed up (not quite sure why) that got blown up in the process. Then right on top of the gate we were fighting on, a Thanatos appeared ! We switched our focus on his, and he couldn’t tank all the torps coming in. Slowly but surely he went down. Especially the last few bits off his hull seem to take forever though. Some people had to warp out as they were shot at by fighters as well as the dreadnought, so damage output was starting to get a bit lower.


Later on we had another engagement with the dreadnought, but this time he got more help and it was a little bit much, though a support drake went down.

All in a successful op. ! We had a lot of fun. Didn’t expect to see any capitals at all, let alone blow one up ;).