Van Hemlock Podcast 90

The Vanhemlock podcast by @jonshute and @vanhemlock is an MMO centric one. Or at least started out that way :). Recently it’s been chopped up into two segments. One news episode and one where Jon and Tim go deeper into a specific subject, or they just keep on chatting about what they’re playing !

Why am I mentioning this here ? Well, episode 90 is all about Vanhemlock taking the Agony Unleashed pvp course ! So it’s a must-listen for any Eve Online player.

Van Hemlock podcast episode #90

One thought on “Van Hemlock Podcast 90”

  1. I really like Van Hemlock’s podcast but sorta stopped listening cuz there was too much non-EVE stuff that didn’t interest me. Nice to listen again to an EVE-centric episode. Even more interesting as I’ve taken Agony’s PvP Basic course so it’s fun to hear someone else’s take on it.

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