Corp Free For All

Last night Hidden Agenda had their every so monthly – free for all, ‘last man standing’ tournament. These are always a lot of fun. For some people their first pvp experience, and even though they tend to die a little faster, they seem to enjoy it quite a bit.

Belautis entered for me, in her trusty punisher.


As you can see, I made a bit of a speed setup, as last time I couldn’t keep up with some people and got shot from a distance. Unfortunately it turned out I didn’t really need the speed. I disposed of one incursus but then got ZenGen on my back, also in a punisher. I couldn’t break his tank, but he slowly broke mine. At the end I had five people on me though, and even a punisher can’t take that much punishment.

Round two should have been a cruiser free for all, but we had to redo the frig one, as some people warped to the wrong place and started battling there ;). I still had an incursus in my hangar equipped with 125mm guns and a hobgob and decided to give that one a try. It lasted much longer than expected but I went down to two people, though I did take a rifter with me.


The punisher seemed to do very well do, I think 3 of the last 4 standing were flying one, especially due to it’s very well tanking capabilities.

The cruiser free for all didn’t last that long, my arbitrator couldn’t kill a maller fast enough, although it was a decent one on one fight. At least so I thought, there were a few other people on the killmail as well. Vexors did very well here as you can devote a lot of it’s power and cpu to tanking as they use drones for weapons.

All in all a fun thing to do for a corporation activity !