Thoughts on Quantum Rise

Quantum Rise has to be one of the most lackluster ‘expansions’ ever released for an MMO. It even touts serverside enhancements and ‘gamebalancing’ (ie. a whole bunch of nerfes) as features. I think it would have been a lot better to let the PR machine rest for a moment, and just say ‘sorry but this year we’re only doing one expansion’. The promise to do two expansions a year bit them in the rearend this time. At first the news was that this would be industrial focused, but that idea was ditched soon enough. Besides the orca there is hardly anything industrial related in this one.

Some ACTUAL features :
– the Orca, for now a very expensive ship that might be of some use in a bigger corp mining op.
– ui improvements / enhancements like the movable hud, weapon grouping. A rotating circle around my mods that is extremely annoying.

The load of problems it brought are a lot bigger though. Not even mentioned the patching process itself which was bugged once again and I had to download the complete client.

The client has a memory leak, lag is worse than ever. Battleships are even slower now (was that really necessary ? I can’t remember seeing a nano-raven) making mission with gates very annoying. Missiles have been changed to have very low explosion radius etc..

All in all a disappointment to be honest.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Quantum Rise”

  1. Really? You think that it is not good?
    Granted not too many shiney’s but if I wanted shiny’s I’d go to WoW. I can think of several benefits that came in. Perhaps your right that it was not as big as EA in terms of scope and whatnot. It seems that a lot of work went into balancing things so that everyone can benefit. T1 frigates ahve viability. Speed is not the solution to everything anymore. Assault Frigates are now viable again. Tactical choices around capturing someone, became more and varied. There are actual choices again…rather than just fit MWD and go from there. I will admit a little lacking of content and some tough time with grouping but the “rotating circle around my mods that is extremely annoying” is one of the best things yet.” As an pilot that has been around a long while I enjoy the changes. Maybe expansion inst too large and you could be right about that but I’d rather they tighten things up a bit TBH.

    Sorry that your disappointed, but hey to each their own.


  2. I’m with Manasi on this one. I hear what you’re saying, but from a PvP pov, this patch has widened out the variety in PvP. Afterburners and Warp Scrams are being dusted off and are being used regularly now, making shipfits interesting again.

    And as Manasi says, AFs are back ๐Ÿ™‚

    Interesting how one man’s annoyance is another’s “cool”. I like the cycle indicator ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I understand that the cycle thing can be handy for some mods, like in mining or some pvp mods, but for shield hardeners and stuff like that that you have running all the time, I’d rather turning it off !

  4. Why? Even if you have stuff running all the time, in some fittings it might be interesting to see when the next “cap surge” comes.

  5. I do have to say that the server-side changes were pretty awesome, the latest patch really fixes a lot of problems with large fleets and lag. (Hey, even Jita is tolerable now!)

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