Illegal Activities

Finished this 3 part mission series and it was actually fun. Once you warp out of part 1 and come back, you can pick the frigs and cruisers off one by one. Part 2 and 3 didnt even need any warping, they were doable. Ofcourse it helps when your modules actually respond once you click on them !
Science is almost done now, will be doing Rocket Science with the La Dai corporation ;).

Slow week

Ever since the blood patch the server stabibilty has been crap. Lag has returned. Tried to run a few lvl 3 missions that were the usual snoozefest, then all of a sudden I get illegal activities which is pretty insane. Very tough frigs, and while you’re killing those a few cruisers on top :(. Then my modules responded very slowly, could barely warp out and had 1% hull left. Nice 1.2 mil repair bill, which is more than the mission is worth. Logged out in disgust.

Why cant CCP balance these missions a bit. Theyre either way too easy or way too tough. Didnt thye learn from those previous new missions that were ridiculous as well ? And dont start me talking about the crap loot on missions, miner I anyone ?
I am done with the Intel. and memory skill training, now doing a bit of science so I can use an R&D agent. To be honest an industrial/mission running character is a bit of a bore. Am having more fun with my pvp / combat oriented character. Will see how this all works out…

Hi Tech Connections

So I read all these stories about ppl with a zillion loyalty points who never get a good offer. Well my first offer from a lvl 3 agent with whom I got over 15k lp with offered me this skill book ;). Like I said, this game has been very kind to me… Hoping to sell it for 100 mil or so.

I am not spending much these days, but it’s nice to have a well filled wallet in case I have to pick up something !

New Cluster Coming !

Great news, next week the new hardware for the Eve Cluster will be installed.

That’s right, this is the day we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to go live with the new cluster. This Tuesday, in a 24 hour extended downtime, old Tranquility hardware is replaced with 70 new IBM 64-bit AMD dual processor blade servers. This operation should double, if not triple the performance on our proxy and application layers.

This is a very high-risk and extensive upgrade and we suggest you set long skill training, in case anything goes wrong. Join us in wishing our server crew good luck.

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Insane Mining Op

We had a record mining op yesterday, killing 2 belts, veldspar and scordite were the main targets, this is what we hauled in (from Carv’s report) :

In order – Trit , Py, Mex, Nocx44
Additional Mins: 29826605 3120423 186239 16928

FYI, largest mining op so far. 6 barges at peak, 2 covetors, 1 hulk, 3 retrievers! Very rich belts full of massive scordite and dense veldspar. All in all, very rich run tonight! We have eliminated two belts.

Going through the motions

Ah that sounds pretty boring but i am still having fun :), nothing much happened this week, except maybe our corp’s mining director loosing his covetor in 0.3 space. Just mining and doing a few missions here and there (they do tend to get a little boring though, but the money on lvl 3 missions is good). I now (finally) started working on the advanced learning skills, memory skill first then perception, cause thats a bit of a weakness and i need to get frig skill up to lvl 5, if I ever want to fly any tech 2 ships, but it’s now taking 15days and I am sure I can bring that down a bit.


memory implantThis weekend I started working for the Lvl 3 / Q19 Agent at our HQ’s station. After a few uneventful missions, I got Tech Secrets ! Was a bit worried I might not be able to pull these missions off, but it wasnt much of a problem in my Ferox. Shields got a bit down when i got attacked by a lot of frigs, but there was never a real danger of dieing. Had to warp out once, because I ran out of missiles ;).

The loot was nice for a change, on part 1 where you have to get the mercenary captain, he dropped a +3 memory implant and some other named gear :). Sold it off for 36mil.. Might have gotten more on escrow, but I just wanted to get rid of it. Seems I am pretty well off, isk-wise atm. Also finished my training for a retriever now, so I can mine comfortably in a barge.

Low Sec Mining Op

Last night was an eventful one ! My first low sec mining up landed me my first pvp kill. Our miner was attacked by a lone kestrel in 0.3 space, he was soon taking care off my my ferox’s missiles and Kikuko’s rifter fire. What was he thinking ? He was also carrying some skill books, not the smartest thing to carry stuff like that around when you go pirating. Anyway we mined quite a bit of Kernite, the payout was nice ;). And yes I got my Ferox now, more on that later.

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Last week I decided that my Eve Career needed a step up. Been playing Eve mostly solo, though the guys in the Eve Uni Corp channel have been very helpful, I felt like I needed to join an active corp in the Calderi part of the galaxy. Checked the eve forums and the recruitment channel for a while and for some reason this corporation looked really interesting, since I am both interested in mission running and the industrial side of Eve. Dropped by their channel last night and they were really friendly and funny, so I decided to join them. I am sure I’ll have a great time with these guys ! Their forums can be found at

first mining op