Two Week Recap

The game has been kind to me the past two weeks. Got a story mission that got me an implant I sold off for 12.5mil, so I could afford a Caracal and a Blackbird. Been mainly using the Caracal to run lvl 2 missions now (mostly for the Caldari Navy). Also got an offer from an agent to exchange a Hawk for a Harpy. The Harpy is now for sale at Sobaseki, hope it sells soon :). I now got the skills to buy a Ferox, just lacking the funds so as soon as it sells, I’ll be flying in that.

The war Eve-Uni was in, was a bit annoying. Basically the Forge region was very unsafe. I found that out while mining in a neighboring region (Ferent). I was chased by two of the enemy, managed to dock safely, but they hang out outside the station for over an hour ! That war is over now fortunetely.