Revelations II

Revelations Part II will be released tomorrow !

Patch Notes

This is my favourite part, especially note the part on loyalty points now being given count for a corporation, not a specific agent :

Agent Mission Improvements

Revelations II will introduce Level 5 Agents, and with them the most challenging PVE encounters for players yet in EVE. These missions are designed for capital ships or small gangs, who will face NPC elements that include dreadnoughts, carriers, and other mammoth adversaries that require vast amounts of firepower to take down.

To encourage group participation for tackling agent missions of any difficulty, gang support for missions will also be added, splitting the bounty for success evenly between participants. As for the actual rewards, the agent offer system is being enhanced in two ways: loyalty points will now be cumulative towards the issuing corporation of the agent, not the individual agents themselves; and with the addition of a new loyalty point store, in which players can view the entire list of available corporation reward offers and select which ones to accept as determined by their affordability in loyalty points and/or merchandise.

  • Ten Level 5 agents for each Empire (nine for Caldari. Why nine? Don’t ask us, ask the Jovians!) have been placed in selected low-security systems.
  • Approximately thirty Level 5 missions are available for each Empire, focusing primarily on the growing conflicts between the four Empires.
  • Carrier-class NPCs have been created for each Empire, along with Fighter-class support.
  • Freighter-class NPCs have been created for each Empire.
  • Most factions now have access to Energy Neutralizer Towers to increase their defensive capabilities.
  • Empire Navy NPCs now drop loot as well as tags.
  • Missions now have basic gang support. Choosing the “Me and my gang have completed the mission” option at the end of a mission will cause LP, ISK and Standing rewards to be split equally between up to five people in a gang.
  • The existing LP/Offers system has been replaced with the new “LP Store” feature.
  • LPs are now attached to NPC corporations rather than individual agents; all existing LPs will be migrated from the individual agents to their parent corporations.
  • The LP Store now contains a wide variety of new offers for implants, factional hardware and blueprints. Offers vary between factions and between corporations within a faction

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