On december 5th, trinity will be deployed to the Eve Online servers ! The patch is not JUST the graphics update though, there are a lot of issues being addressed:

Patchnotes #1 Features, improvements, balance

Patchnotes #2 Changes, Fixes

CCP have stated patch deployment will take 24hrs, so make sure to set long skills :).

The time for EVE to evolve from beautiful to gorgeous is approaching! Trinity, EVE Online’s newest content expansion, will be deployed on Wednesday 5 December, commencing at 0200 GMT. Tranquility and the EVE forums will be unavailable for the length of the deployment, both are expected to return to service by 0200 GMT on Thursday 6 December.

Currently the graphics update is on the test server, I havent checked it out yet, just wanted to be surprised / awed by the released version. From the screen shots on the forums so far, some ships looked very mpressive, but a lot just meeeeeh, to be honest. Gallente had a weird baby-blue glow, Caldari Navy ships a sort of camouflage color (in space ?!?) and amarr instead of gold, brown. But I hope the ultimate released version will look better on screen than in those screenshots