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TritThe past few months I have been setting up shop in Hentogari. Still do my invention and selling those inventions in Sivala and Irjunen where the lvl 4 agents are (oops did I just give away a trade secret), usually on sunday where I fly the 14 odd jumps back and forth. Hento was just temporary I thought. There is a nice Ishukone agent there and I wanted to up my standings for them in order to use their R&D agents.

One drawback of said agent, and I assume the reason it’s not too crowded there is that she sometimes sends you to lowsec :(. Call me chicken but I am not interested in loosing my raven in a gatecamp and have some odd pirate seek me out while doing Guristas Extravaganza, so I usually decline those missions.

When I am on a 4hr mission break, and sometimes this is at night, so I have to wait for the next day, I started to spend my time mining again ! It had been a while since I mined, except for a few times when we were in 0.0 and I must say, I really like it again. It’s not very stressful, you can browse the web, read or just chat while doing it. And the isk ain’t half bad. I been using the trit and pyer to build a few ravens and they fly off the shelf in that region like hotcakes. Do so many people loose their mission ship ? I never lost mine to be honest.

And what do I listen to lately while mining ? I just found out that classical music really goes well with the sound of mining lasers. What lead me to classical music was this rendition of Steve Vai doing For the love of God. I have been ordering cds mentioned at I am especially enjoying Bach and Schubert at the moment.

So what do you listen to while mining ? Besides the Eve podcasts out there ;). I refuse to believe all Eve players only enjoy the loud music (yes i am getting old) that comes with every Eve video (and most other MMO videos). Any good suggestions will be appreciated :).

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  1. I mine occasionally or run high-sec exploration sites on my nerdy alt. My tastes in music vary and span 30 years (yeah, in dog years I’m dead). Some bands on the playlist include Assemblage 23, Lycia, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Delerium, Cocteau Twins, The Cure, The Church, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Blue October, Dead Can Dance, Cowboy Junkies, Enigma, Pia, and many more. All depends on what kind of mood I’m in and whether I’m speaking with corpmates or others on Vent. \o/ for my iPod!

    I like music fairly loud. However, while I appreciate the contextual mood promoted by the type of music so often used on EVE players’ combat videos, I don’t have a clue how people listen to a steady diet of that stuff. Guess my age is showing–because I was an original punk rocker in the late 70’s/early 80’s and used to crank the volume up on the Sex Pistols, the Dead Boys, and numerous other punk bands with great joy.

  2. I have the the TV on really low or play some calm music. I like that sound of the lasers as well, soothing some how, sound of isk dripping in.
    Quoted you on my page. Liked the meta futuristic essence of your statement.

  3. Haha thanks Cake :).

    Mynxee, a lot of those sound familiar, think I listened to those bands in the 80s as well !

  4. Myself… well if I’m mining it will most likely be somethign relaxing i.e. dub (salmonella dub, Black Seeds), classical, podcasts, etc

    Ratting, something a bit more upbeat and loud… so out comes the rock and the metal (AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Metallica, Motorhead, Faith No More, Andrew W K, Shihad,…).

    Preparing for going out PvPing, well I have a specific playlist all set up…. 😉

    I guess I’m showing my age through my music choices….

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