Setting up an Ishtar

A few weeks back I built some of these Ishtars, they’re still one of the more expensive HACs on the market, with a nice profit margin. I gave one of them to Bela so she can use it to assist me in lvl 4 missions for example.

Before you say OMG Just buy a domi, they have a bigger tank and are much cheaper !!111!!, yes I know, it’s just a lot of fun flying HACs with their nice resistances and cruiser agility, and I had one at hand anyway ;).

There is a guide on the evelopedia that suggests setting up a passive tank. I guess it would look something like this (screen shot from EFT), though that guide suggests (way) more Shield Power Relays. I didn’t actually try this one out, so you should experiment with this one yourself, in case you would try it.

Ishtar - Isht_Shield

It does look decent, but I decided to go with a traditional armor tank. This leaves the mid slots for some nice extra modules like the Drone Navigation Computer and the Omnidirectional Tracking Link.

Ishtar - Bela_Ish

Also don’t forget the small remote armor repairer module to rep up your drones in case they get hurt !

Tried this setup a few times now, and mission frigs get melted very quickly by the warriors or hobgobs, then it’s onto cruisers with hammerheads II, and if there are any battleships left, the Ogre IIs mob them up. In case of aggro, I just orbit something with the AB on and don’t get hit very hard.

Only tough thing to figure out a decent setup, is the lack of cpu on this ship, it’s all pretty tight !

If you have any comments or suggestions, leave a comment…

5 thoughts on “Setting up an Ishtar”

  1. And if you’re ratting/complexing in 0.0, the Ishtar’s extra agility is what you need to gtfo.

  2. I’m an Ishtar pilot as of this past week, Heavy Assault Ships 5 🙂
    I love it. It’s like a pocket Dominix.

    I haven’t tried to melt any other pilots with it yet but it’s performed admirably in Level 4’s solo w. T2 sentries and T2 heavies. Armor tanked at 93% (+) mission-specific resists. In most cases I’ll just drop my sentries and orbit, keeping the speed up I’ve taken very little armor damage w. repper running.

    You weren’t kidding about CPU being tight though.

    Not sure if this is your style, but here’s a look at the Ishtar from a PvP angle:

  3. Hey,

    Dunno what you’re fitting for, but you could put together a much stronger passive tank than the one you show:
    Lows: Beta SPRs, full rack (much lower CPU than SPR2s and same benefit).
    Mids: 3 LSE 2s and mission-specific amps
    Rigs: 2 purgers

    Gives about 1200 hp/s v kin/therm, but much less vs sansha/bloodraiders.

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