Unholy Rage

What I posted earlier about farmers leaving Eve, has now been officially confirmed in a new CCP blog post by GM Grimmi.

During scheduled downtime on June 22nd a little over 6200 paying accounts were banned in one go.

Wow, that’s a lot more than I could have imagined. That’s a great and bold move by CCP. And it certainly has improved gameplay ! More roids in the belts, more value for your LP and no longer bumping into 12 ravens when undocking in Sivala !

The war against the RMT element continues. We strive towards driving their operating costs to unsustainable levels. Our objective is to get rid of them, plain and simple. They are a heinous nuisance and a serious drawback on our systems and resources. Credit card fraud and account hacking is their game – the recent hacking troubles have been the work of the ISK sellers. They must be driven out and kept out.

Very well said :). Seems like the are determined to keep em out. Let’s hope they will succeed !

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