The age of Dominion

And the Age of Dominion is upon us ! A surprisingly smooth patch I must say ! The #tweetfleet buzz was very active. People reporting how far their download was etc. And even an hour early, we were able to log on.

I checked my invention blueprints and it seems that we indeed need less highlevel moon goo related components and way more mid/low lvl (armor plates). I am going to hold off production for a while and see how it pans out.

I could see the alliance wormhole fleet in the fleetfinder, sent out a few emails to check the new client, browsed my blog to see if the ingame browser worked, and yes it all seem to work smoothly. The ui with all the squareness needs a bit of growing into, I guess, after all these years of roundiness.

Tengu flyby

Then undocking… WOW stars, nice planets. People just warping from planet to planet, very fun experience. I almost forgot, but people in corp chat started linking contracts to the new Navy ships. I couldn’t resist and got me a Navy Scorpion. People have been saving up LP and started dumping them, plus the FW nerf (of sorts) will not make these any cheaper in the future I hope, so I think it’s a good investment. Haven’t had quite enough time to fully deck it out, but I think it’s a lot easier to fit than the CNR. Plus a lot of tankage with 8 med slots and the resistance bonus !

Navy Scorp

All in all the first impressions are VERY good ! Smooth patchday, smooth graphics, every as advertised. And the positive tweets keep coming in. Gratz to CCP !

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