The improved blogpack

In case anyone missed it, there was some upheaval in bubble that is the eve blogosphere / tweetfleet over a post by CrazyKinux on the eve blogpack. He originally wanted to cut it down to 20 ‘elite’ blogs. This resulted in a discussion on twitter and on blogs. Most noticeably was the response by Roc Wieler, which then led to CK stating, he’d pick 50 blogs. I also had a post in the making but decided it wasn’t very good and a bit ranty so I decided to delete it.

Today CK posted the new list ! And I am glad to be still on it. I know this blog isn’t the best or top notch ones out there, but we can’t all be ‘elite’ ;). Some post I make still get quite a few comments, and I try to give a somewhat more critical view on CCP and their decisions. And of course the view from a regular player in Eve. Someone who missions, occasionally mines and goes out on corp ops every now and then.

A must read, also on CK’s site is the history of the blogpack. I was among the very first to be in there, and it sure has come a long way. There are some amazing and very insightful informative ones out there, while others are just fun to read. Make sure you check the rss feed on the right side, and put it in your favorite RSS reader. I like to read some posts on the bus on my android phone while going to work !

The new, improved blogpack By CrazyKinux

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