Planetary Interaction III

Tyrannis has been delayed by a week, and planetary interaction even by three weeks. The new skills will be available and you will be able to scout for planets, but the command centers needed to actually start harvesting those planets will only be available two weeks after. Here is a list of the new skills and what they do.

Science Skills :
Remote Sensing (L1)  – The ability to gather and analyze remote sensing data from satellites in orbit around a planet and to produce proper calibrated surveys.

This skill allows you to survey for resources from bigger distances up to 9 light years.  Level 3 opens up the next two. Planetology skills increase the accuracy of scanning.
Planetology (L3) (The understanding of planet evolution and the fundamentals of resource extraction) This one is a prerequisite for
Advanced Planetology (L5) (Advanced understanding of planet evolution and the fundamentals of resource extraction)

Planet Management (charisma (!) / intel) :
No prerequisites needed for these.
Command center upgrades : Each rank in this skill improves the quality of command facility available to you, in turn allowing for a greater number of connected facilities on that planet.
Interplanetary consolidation: For each rank in this skill, you may install a command center on one additional planet, to a maximum of 6 planets.

My suggested skill plan would be to start out a few levels of Remote Sensing, it makes scanning for the right planet a bit easier (actually one level is needed to scan at all) so you can start scouting. It’s only a level 1 skill so it trains up fast. Also it’s needed at level 3 for some of the other planetology skills. Followed by Command center upgrades so you’re not stuck with just the basic command center, and then Interplanetary upgrades so you can build on multiple planets.

Although now that there are (at least) two weeks in between the skills being available and actually useable, the order doesn’t really matter that much. Try to get at least a standard command center and IC as high up as you can.

A lot more info can be found in the Planetary Interaction FAQ.

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  1. Remote Sensing (L1)
    Planetology (L3)
    Advanced Planetology (L5)

    You probably meant “rank 1, 3, 5” not “level”.

    Ranks are static, levels accumulate as you read the skills up to higher levels.

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