The Primae

Here it is, in all it’s glory. Visiting a Customs Office near of a Lava planet.


It’s a wonderful detailed model. The part just under the ‘cockpit’ moves around. It would make a nice dedicated salvager or exploration ship !

As it is now, with 100 m3 cargohold, 1000 m3 for planetary commodities (which fills up fast when you use p1 parts) and 1600 m3 for command centers, it’s not all that useful. Maybe for new players who don’t have hauler/industrial ship skills yet. A simple badger will be better than this one, but you won’t look as industrial as this ship does !

6 thoughts on “The Primae”

  1. The planetary commodities hold has to be at least 5000 m³ or 10.000 m³.
    The looks are nice btw.

  2. The thing I’d be concerned about is all the suicide gankers who’ll be wanting to hit one of these babies, just to get their names on a Primae killmail. Between that and the small capacity, this may wind up becoming another hangar queen.

  3. Its a lovely ship, I did a little breakdown of it and it is a little useless against a normal industrial, however there are a few important things to remember
    1) It is free
    2) CCP cannot make a ship useless overnight or temporally useless over night. Doing so would break the market a little
    3) It would be better to introduce a player built ship that has good PI ability making it better than a hauler, but with the current incarnation of PI this seems somewhat unlikely.

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