Eve and the road ahead

A dev blog was posted today by Ccp Zulu about what teams are working on what currently at CCP. It’s nice that they are sharing this information now, probably as a response to the release of the minutes of the CSM 5 meeting, which caused quite some turmoil.

We already knew that Incarna is the main focus for Eve at the moment, but 9 teams, 70 developers ? That sounds like it’s a bit much. And we still don’t know what we’ll be able to do in Incarna. Just walking around a bit and play station games or will there be more ?

Also 10 for evegate is a large number. It doesn’t look all that complicated to me. Then again my job is making business applications, which are mainly front ends for database manipulation, so maybe I am wrong and it’s a lot more complicated than it looks.

Anyway, this all results in this:

In the 2011 winter expansion we‘ll certainly focus more than ever before on iterating and polishing up all the features that EVE has expanded to in the then eight years. What those specific systems are, I don‘t know as we haven‘t started the planning phase for that yet.

It’s kinda tough to accept when it’s actually ‘written in stone’ like this. Basically development for Eve the Space Game has been halted for 18 months or so. And that’s just sad :(.

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  1. I agree. I don’t really care about Incarna and walking around in stations if that’s the only thing we can do. If we could assassinate other capsuleers, sabotage ships, or other stuff, then I might care more. But having 70 devs working on allowing people to walk around in an Internet Spaceships game is absurd. Focus on EVE, CCP.

  2. As a point of correction Jagerda: Incarna is EVE. Its not a separate thing like Dust. So CCP can quite correctly turn round and say “We are focussing on EVE when we assign 70 developers to Incarna”. You might want to be more specific if you don’t want shot down as was done to the CSM.

    Also Morphisat: you have to remember that they’re using Microsoft backends on everything, which will multiply the workload by a factor of about 5 😉

  3. They’re actually using asp.net mvc for evegate which is quite nice. I use it at work too now. I guess using Rails or Django was out of the question :).

  4. I meant for the emphasis to be on the word “Eve” and all the feelings and thoughts that brings up. When you think of Eve, you think of spaceships, not prancing around with a bunch of other awkwardly moving Avatars.

    “Focus on Internet SPACESHIPS(!), CCP” is what I should have said. Thanks for correcting me.

  5. You guys have totally ignored that 7 of the 9 teams working on Incarna are from other projects and would normally have nothing to do with EVE development.

  6. So because they pulled teams from other projects to focus on EVE, that makes it better?

    The bottom line, regardless of all the pointless niggling, is that our elected representatives(The CSM) aren’t happy about it. I’d imagine that there are a lot of people who are unhappy about the amount of time and effort being devoted to something that is external to the core of what makes EVE, well, EVE for a good portion of folks.

    Focusing down on Incarna won’t fix LowSec. It won’t make fleet engagements more fun or less laggy. It won’t fix Jita. It won’t help new players want to keep playing EVE.

    Personally, I’ll be voting on this one with my wallet. I love EVE. I’m very new in the way of it, but I love the game. If people really want to let CCP know that they’re not happy about the direction development is going, vote with your wallet. Cancel your subs, and say why on the exit survey. You’ll see how to get a company to change its’ 18 month strategy.

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