Fifth Anniversary

Exactly five years ago, Morphisat started his career as a pod pilot. Now 67 mil skill points and a few corporations later I am posting about his fifth anniversary. Lots has changed since when I started, we didn’t have drakes, hulks, but we had learning skills :). Speaking of skill points, I haven’t much of a clue what to spend them on these days, so I am doing level 5s of stuff like gunnery-related skills and invention skills. I guess this is the point where you start investing your skills into Capital ships, but since I will probably never use one it seems kind of pointless to go that route.

I haven’t been playing much lately, I hope the upcoming Sansha’s invasions will be interesting enough to log on every now and then. I have a bit of a ‘been there, done that’ feeling towards Eve at the moment and only have the Morphisat account active.

Starcraft II and Wow are keeping me busy, amongst other things right now. I am still following all the Eve news though, through twitter and blogs.

ps. Incursion 1.0 is coming next tuesday !

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