The New Me

The Incursion expansion brings us the new character creator. I was planning on recreating Morphisat, but that didn’t quite work out. The new hairdo, I am not a big fan off, and I couldn’t seem to get the color darker. Also a bit too much beard, the ‘facial hair intensity’ slidebar didn’t seem to do anything.

Anyways, you can watch him from various angles in the youtube video below. I frapsed the whole thing, but I doubt anyone would be interested in that !

3 thoughts on “The New Me”

  1. Ok, now that is very damn cool.

    I approve of where this is going… >_<

    Glad to see you still in game as well 😀

  2. I love the character of this video and im proud who creating this video..Im glad to see this site..Thank you for this nice game post..

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