Planetary Interaction Revamped

Came across this nice tutorial for Planetary Interaction on youtube through the Eve-O forums. I tried to like p.i. and was quite enthusiastic when it was announced. Once I tested a very rough version on the test server, my enthusiasm was somewhat declining, but I figured the only way was up.

Is the new P.I. that came with incursion better ? Yes, I guess it is. But I had to redo all my planets and I think I gave up on the third or so. In highsec it’s barely worth it, I doubt it’s much better in losec. I guess in a wormhole or 0.0 it would be worth the effort. For those that still want to get into it, enjoy the video :).

2 thoughts on “Planetary Interaction Revamped”

  1. Worth it in high sec? It’s worth 150 mil ISK a month to me and takes about 20 minutes a night. Yeah, that’s worth it. Especially to those without enough time to dedicate to much else. No that’s what really sucks!

  2. I’ll echo what Mabrick said, for those of us with little time during the week for much else, PI is working just fine. It is bringing in about 300M/month for me from 15 P1 planets and a factory colony pushing out high-demand P3s and a P4. Under the new system, you can set up longer extractor cycles and just interrupt and restart to keep highest yields.

    Doing this reduces clickage and keeps a steady flow of raw materials heading into the processors. The only “slow” part is the same as it ever was – moving the P1s to my factory world. I gather them up once a week and move them out to the factory world every other day or so. My factoy world is in the same system as the corp hangar that all my colony alts use. Its a perfect low maintenance/low time input system of ISK generation, so I can at least be “in-game” reading chats while gathering.

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